The Italian-based burger chain Flower Burger opened the doors to its first stateside restaurant, bringing its vibrant Flower Burgers, which have found immense popularity across Europe after founder Matteo Toto launched the company in Milan, to the US. Flower Burger’s innovative and eye-catching vegan burgers will now be available for delivery in Culver City, Los Angeles at the company’s new ghost kitchen. Currently, Flower Burger is limited to delivery until a future storefront is set to launch this summer in West Hollywood.

“Opening in LA is a dream come true! We’re excited to bring the passion and energy of Flower Burger to the US and have plans to expand quickly,” Toto said. “We love that LA locals prioritize all the same values that we do, from inclusivity to conscious, sustainable eating”

Flower Burger’s menu is stacked with exciting, individualized plant-based burgers that come served on colorful burger buns. The six plant-based burgers featured are the Jungle Burger on a green-colored bun, the Classic Chickpea and Spicy Chickpea on yellow buns, the Cherry Bomb on a pink bun, the Tangy Chickpea on a purple bun, and the staple Flower Burger served on a violet bun.

The eccentric quick-service restaurant opened more than a dozen storefronts across Europe in Italy, France, London, and the Netherlands. Toto aimed to create a plant-based burger restaurant that is both accessible and interesting. He hopes that his brand encourages people to try plant-based burgers, designing a cheap, quick burger option that entices people with playful and innovative burgers.

Flower Burger’s vegan options go beyond the burgers: The restaurants offer house-made vegan cheese, vegan mayonnaise, and a variety of other dairy-free condiments. Flower Burger provides a wide range of delicious sides to accompany the burger, including potato wedges, edamame, and Patatas Buenas – potatoes covered with Flower mayo and the house spicy ketchup.

The sweets menu is also enough to entice any eater, plant-based or not. The dessert menu showcases Coco-nuts frozen treats that are layered with espresso, cocoa-roasted almonds, and hazelnuts, as well as the signature Chocolate Salami which is a rolled and sliced treat made from oat-based biscuits and dark chocolate.

Following its widespread success and popularity across Europe, the company holds high hopes for its brick-and-mortar locations in Los Angeles. The new American branch will be spearheaded by restauranteur Barbara Lazaroff and entrepreneur Elena Platt, who was enchanted by Flower Burger's offerings after visiting Itlay.

“I fell in love with Flower Burger when I first tasted one at their location in Rome,” Platt said. “After meeting Matteo and learning more about their commitment to diverse ingredients that go beyond the typical plant-based offering, I knew it was something I had to bring home. The past year has been incredibly tough for LA, so we’re excited to launch a brand focused on fun, inclusivity, and sustainability at a time when those are more important than ever.”

Flower Burger is currently available for delivery via DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats so that anyone in Los Angeles can experience the colorfully delicious Italian vegan burger. The company hopes to expand quickly with a storefront already in the works in West Hollywood and more potentially in the future across the country.


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