If you're looking for the best vegan macarons in the world, there's just one place to go: Ladurée Beverly Hills. The iconic French brand with roots dating back to 1892 is known for dishing out colorful, delectable macarons (pronounced “mac-a-rhone,” not to be confused with macaroons). What you might not know is that Ladurée Beverly Hills has an immense amount of vegan pastries and plant-based offerings thanks to a collaboration with plant-based Chef Matthew Kenney.

Walking by the stylish Parisian patisserie in the upscale Rodeo Drive area of Beverly Hills, you would never know a wonderland of plant-based delights awaits you inside. While it’s not exclusively vegan, it leans heavily in a plant-forward direction, so rest assured there are plenty of options for you.

Some naysayers may think that achieving classical French dishes and baked goods like a quintessential light, airy macaron is impossible; Ladurée and Kenney obliterate any notion that vegan pastries can’t be delicious without eggs, butter or dairy.

For those looking for a sophisticated vibe, and lovers of artful Instagram-worth pastries and dishes, Ladurée captures a feminine, dainty aesthetic both in its ambiance and food that will make you feel like royalty. If you want a relaxing reprieve before or after walking around to check out the shops on Rodeo Drive and surrounding, this is the place for you.

Ladurée Beverly Hills' Plant-Based Menu

While at first glance it might appear this is a pastry-only shop, you will be surprised to find an assortment of other items. It is best to break the menu down so you know all the options:

  • Macarons: 10 vegan flavors to choose from, all are delicious.
  • Pastries: A large assortment of beautiful plant-based and decadent pastries, including perfectly baked light and fluffy croissants.
  • Food menu: From Avocado toast to “Eggs” Benedict and more, it’s a modest but effective menu. (Food menu is only served Wednesday - Sunday, 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.)
  • Beverages: Coffee, tea, as well as a selection of Champagne drinks and mocktails.

Ladurée's Vegan Macrons

First, of course, you need to sample an assortment of macarons: There are plenty of vegan flavors to choose from ranging from classics like Chocolate, Vanilla, and Coffee, to more imaginative flavors such as Matcha, Pistachio, and Pecan Maple Syrup, to name a few. They are all delicious, airy, and ring in at $2.80 each, or you can get a set of six in a beautiful box for $21, which would make an excellent gift for any plant-based pastry lover.

Ladurée Beverly Hills' Ambiance

There is a small indoor seating space in the back with a few booths for a group, as well as individual, private seats if you are solo. But, the best seating is the outdoor space that sits on the exterior of the sidewalk. Yes, you’ll hear cars whizzing by, but being out on the street makes for fun people watching while you soak in the California sun. You may even rub elbows with celebrities as Ladurée is known to be visited and favorited by celebs like Megan Markle and Blake Lively.

Whether having a coffee business meeting or doing some remote work, Ladurée has an accommodating space for any time of day. It’s also a perfect spot for a coffee and bite before hitting all the shopping that Rodeo Drive has to offer.

And there is one other perfect occasion: tea time. While not something we typically do in the US, Ladurée brings the European experience of “tea time” stateside. Served all day, for $39 you’ll get a choice-of prix fixe menu which includes a drink (tea, coffee, or hot chocolate) and a choice-of selection of an assortment of goodies from macarons, to pastries and mini sandwich bites. A perfect option if you want to try a little of everything.

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