Planning your Valentine's Dinner? If you get into it but don't want to sacrifice your plant-based approach, The Beet has just the thing for you. Our Find Vegan Near You section offers both a tool for searching for plant-based options in your city and state, as well as our own artfully crafted reviews of local restaurants by local plant-based experts in LA, New York, Miami, Boston, Brooklyn, and other cities where the vegan scene is exploding.

Here we have scenarios for any type of plant-based eater, and any type of Valentine's lover. If you get a thrill when CVS and Duane Reade dedicate four aisles to pink and red cards, decorations and candy, but you don't want to have to choose between enjoying a special romantic meal with your honey and your adherence to plant-based dining, this tool is for you. Didn't get a resy at Modern Love? (We featured it as our number one restaurant in our BK guide.) Read on. If one or both of you is eating plant-based, The Beet is here to help.

Dressing Up Scenario: You like getting dressed up.  You care about the outfit and want a restaurant that is matching you, effort for effort. Really good wine and French food, and a scene going on, like a violin player or jazz or even a chanteuse. Délice & Sarrasin might be the perfect spot for you.

Casual & Cozy Scenario: You like playing it more casually. A cozy Valentine with a romantic fireplace and Italian rustic style food and your honey and you get to talk quietly in a candle-lit corner. NYC's Nix checks off all of these wants.

GNO Scenario: Girls' night out. You start with ordering a bottle of champagne and celebrating years of friendship and the evening ends with everyone in happy tears of joy and appreciation. You're dressed up, but for each other. Plant Food + Wine in Venice, CA, is place for you.

Theatrical Scenario: Fun, fantasy night of dinner theatre like Medieval Times and Murder Mystery evenings full of swagger and costumes and accents. They joust, you cheer and holler and everyone has a grand old time. Medieval Times, the dinner theatre, has a menu of vegetarian options that can be easily be made vegan.

For all the great places to eat in your neighborhood, check out Find Vegan Near Me on The Beet. We created a dozen Beet City Guides by our own contributors, as well as the Happy Cow on The Beet.

You can search by state, city, type of food and whether you want vegetarian, vegan or plant-based or options that offer those dishes at regular restaurants. Enjoy Valentines Day your way. Cheers. From The Beet Editors. By the way, try to guess which one of us is doing each of the scenarios above! Hint: Lucy hates dressing up and Hailey lives for it.




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