Celebrity chef and restaurateur Matthew Kenney is planning to launch two new vegan restaurants in Baltimore, Maryland. On July 1st, Kenney will open his two restaurants – Double Zero and Liora – under the Matthew Kenney Cuisine parent company. The two plant-based restaurants will be located side by side in Baltimore’s downtown Inner Harbor. The chef has championed plant-based diets and spearheaded a restaurant movement that showcases the potential of vegan cuisine.

The Baltimore Location will be the plant-based pizza chain Double Zero’s fourth location, delivering wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas alongside an extensive wine list. The restaurant aims to deliver a healthier alternative to a favorite food staple and has been praised as ranking up with some of the top pizza in the country, making this an appealing option for both non-vegans and vegans.

“Double Zero Pizza offers a healthy, plant-based adaptation of a universally-loved food,” Kenney said. “Using the best dough, honoring traditional styles - while constantly experimenting with new dishes - is what makes it unique… not just in the plant-based market, but the pizza industry as a whole.”

The sister restaurant Liora is Kenney’s newest concept that will open its flagship location in Baltimore. Centered around local cuisine, the restaurant will provide the crab cakes and barbeque that Maryland is famous for, but with a totally plant-based twist. The exciting new concept is Kenney’s attempt to encourage the community to try plant-based favorites that are familiar to Baltimore residents. Liora will also feature an impressive wine list that boasts organic and biodynamic variety. The restaurant also features Kenney’s classics that he includes in his restaurants across the country including his Plant Burger and cacio e pepe.

Earlier this year, Matthew Kenney joins PlantX as the company’s Chief Culinary Officer. PlantX hopes that Kenney will bring his expertise about vegan cuisine to the company, drawing from his 42 restaurants that specialize in bringing high-end vegan food to the table.

“I’ve been working as a plant-based chef for the last 18 to 20 years, supported by my team throughout my career, and we have never been more ready to partner with a large grocery store like PlantX,” Kenney said.

The celebrity chef continues to broaden his reach, sharing plant-based diets and dishes across the country. His sights are currently set on Baltimore, but at this rate, his influence will soon spread around the world.

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