Who knew that your CVS run for toothpaste could turn into an opportunity to pick up some Beyond Burgers to make for dinner, tonight? Well, there’s good news for fans of the plant-based patties from Beyond Meat: Starting in January, Beyond Burger meatless burgers will be available at 7,000 CVS Pharmacy locations nationwide. Beyond Meatballs will be also available at nearly as many CVS stores, (5,000 locations) across the country, starting in the New Year. This information came courtesy of a Beyond Meat spokesperson summarizing the company’s recent earnings call, and we couldn’t be more pleased to see plant-based products continuing to become more mainstream and readily available to anyone who wants to try them.

Already, close to one-quarter of Americans are eating plant-based food and meatless alternatives, and they are planning to consume more plant-based products in the coming months, according to a recent survey. This growth shows the rise of flexitarian eating in America, as more people are leaning into plant-based foods without defining themselves as plant-based or fully began. That is expected to grow as the distribution of Beyond and other brands become more widespread.

Indeed, it’s been a big year for the El Segundo, California, based alternative-meat powerhouse. This summer, they launched an online retail store which ships their products directly to your door in two days and debuted a “Cookout Classic” value pack of burgers at most Target and Walmart stores nationwide for $1.60 a patty. Then, in the fall, they've unveiled new plant-based sausage breakfast links and announced that they’re behind McDonald’s upcoming McPlant burger.

With this update on their CVS rollout, it’s clear they’re showing no signs of slowing down. That’s good news because we intend to continue to win over all the non-vegans of their life with their satisfying, shockingly realistic plant-based meat products for many years to come. Who’s throwing burgers in the pan and buns in the toaster tonight?

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