Shopping for your favorite plant-based burger just got even easier: You can already find your favorite Beyond Meat products at 26,000  retailers across the U.S. like Costco, BJ's, Sam's Club and Whole Foods and in restaurants like KFC and Dunkin Donuts, but now, thanks to Beyond’s exciting new online retail site, Beyond Meat will deliver directly to your front door.

Beyond Meat’s new site’s grand–online–launches Thursday, August 27th, just in time to supply you with all the meat-free options you need for your Labor Day BBQ. Not only will you be able to purchase all of your Beyond favorites on the site, but you’ll find new, delicious offers like a Cookout Classic package and a Breakfast Sausage Variety pack. We even have an insider tip: The first 1,000 customers can use the code GOBEYOND for five dollars off their order. You’re welcome!

Beyond Meat Showcases Sustainability in New Retail Site

The Beyond Meat Brand is all about sustainability: it's packaging even matches the product’s sustainable mission. Each order from their site will come packed in a recyclable insulated shipping box, and they have partnered with UPS’s carbon-neutral shipping to reduce emissions. A peer-reviewed study conducted by the University of Michigan can be found on Beyond’s Website that illustrates “A Beyond Burger uses significantly less water, land, energy, and generates fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGE) than a beef burger.” We’ll order one burger please, but hold the beef.

On Beyond Meat's new platform you can order these delicious offerings:

  • The Cookout Classic Bulk Pack: Two 10 Count Packs of Burgers
  • Breakfast Sausage Variety Pack: Two 22 Count Packs of Sausage
  • Brats & Beef Combo Pack: 10 Brats and Two 1-Pound Beef Packs
  • Beef Bulk Pack: Six 1-Pound Beef Packages
  • Burgers & Beef Combo Pack: 10 Patties and Two 1-Pound Beef Packs
  • Go Beyond Trial Pack: One of Each Beyond Product

Beyond Beef is one of many beloved plant-based meat brands that have seen a massive rise in popularity during COVID. Between the surge of meat, prices due to a national shortage, and the myriad of health benefits from a plant-based diet, swapping out meat for plant-based alternatives has never made more sense. And now, with Beyond Meat’s online retail site, it’s never been easier or more delicious to make the switch.

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