Former WWE wrestler Ryback Reeves posted a gym selfie, with his t-shirt yanked up to show off an eight pack as he revealed to his 1.4 million Twitter followers: "7 weeks Vegan and bodyweight is 292 lbs." Ryback has always been active on social media and was never shy about his interest in veganism. He tweeted: "I just keep seeing improvements and energy increasing even more. Conditioning is at a very high-level cardio wise and doesn’t have any intentions of eating animal or dairy products. Lab work completed yesterday so will see where we are at."

In an interview with the news outlet Give Me Sport, Ryback said, “I always ate a lot of vegetables, my main thing was that I never really looked at how I could replace or cut down on animal protein.” He goes on to say, “All I had to do was switch out my meats, I was already halfway vegan without knowing it… I look better and I’m stronger than I’ve been.”

Ryback recently captioned a picture of himself eating a plant-based meal with, “Amazing dinner tonight with Jazmyne. I’m learning so much about the Vegan community and they are truly unbelievable people with such compassion and loving hearts. So blessed to have been given the gift of full health back and am releasing the last bit of hate I have held onto.”

It seems like every day another major athlete has been speaking out about ditching meat and dairy and gaining physical benefits from their new-found love of a plant-based approach. Cam Newton, David Beckham, Novak Djokovic, and Venus Williams have all recently touted how much they love their plant-based lifestyles. Another professional athlete, wrestler Austin Aries, recently spoke about how he gets his protein on a plant-based diet.

Weekend warriors considering making the switch to plant-based protein can find new meatless alternatives and great plant-based products hitting the shelves daily. Even without those substitutes, it's easy to hit your fitness goals on a diet high in legumes, nuts, grains and vegetables.

For more on how to get your protein on a plant-based diet, check out Top 10 Sources of Plant-Based Protein and How to Get Your Protein From Plant-Based Meals. 

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