East coast convenience store/gas station chain Wawa has long been the answer to hangover and late-night cravings with its unlimited drink options, snacks and custom sandwiches. At Wawa, everyone can find something to munch on, even if they're meat-free or vegetarian. You can now add Wawa's Sizzli breakfast sandwich, a meat-free Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich, to the list of plant-based options at Wawa.

Beyond Meat and Wawa teamed up to launch the Sizzli breakfast sandwich, which is debuting on the menu of 650 Wawa stores throughout PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA and Washington D.C. today. Beyond Meat is known for its pea and brown rice protein-based meat alternative that is soy and gluten-free. 220 Florida Wawa's will start serving this sandwich a try starting August 10th.

“We know that consumers are looking for more plant-based options and we’re proud to partner with Beyond Meat®, a leader in plant-based meat, to offer our customers more choice through the Wawa Your Way initiative,” said Mike Sherlock, Chief Product Marketing Officer of Wawa.

Wawa, Inc. Sizzli® Breakfast Sandwich

The Sizzli breakfast sandwich is made with Beyond Breakfast Sausage, egg and cheese on a bagel. While it's not vegan because of the egg and cheese, vegetarians and those who consider themselves plant-forward will find this sandwich the perfect morning pick-me-up.

Wawa has a digital touch screen system of ordering makes it easy to customize your order and swap out items that don't fit your dietary needs. You can also add the Beyond Breakfast Sausage to breakfast bowls and burritos as well as bagel sandwiches.

Beyond Meat is a fan-favorite for its tasty meat alternatives that taste just like the real thing. This sandwich is perfect for vegetarians, or anyone trying to cut back on meat or add more plant-based alternatives to their diet. You can find Beyond Meat in many fast-casual and food chains like Dunkin Donuts, Einstein Bros, Del Taco and Veggie Grill. Wawa is the latest chain to team up with the brand in order to cater to customers' needs.

Wawa is actively finding ways to make eating healthier easy and affordable, and caters to dietary needs such as gluten conscious, low sodium, plant-based and low sugar. We applaud Wawa for taking a small step toward healthier and more plant-based options. Hopefully, their next plant-based item will be a killer vegan mac and cheese.

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