Sometimes, a hankering for Mexican food can be satisfied with a simple bowl of guac and chips. Sometimes, a margarita. Sometimes that quinoa tofu burrito bowl hits the spot. Sometimes, not. And here you are again, back at square one and your stomach is growling, knowing that nothing but a burrito with all the works will do. We feel you, dear readers. (And we’re right there with you at least three times a week, we assure you.)

Well, when that kind of need-you-burrito-right-now hunger strikes, Del Taco is ready to deliver. Earlier this month the California-based fast-food chain shared some exciting news for the plant-based and plant-curious set: They’re adding several one-pound Beyond Meat burritos to their new Epic Burrito menu nationwide, with four menu additions, including two completely vegan options.

First up, there’’s the Original Mex Burrito; and Beyond Fresh Avocado Burrito. The Epic Loaded Queso Burrito and Epic Cali Bacon Burrito contain animal products, but can also be made with Beyond Meat.

Now through July 14th, you can get $2 off any Epic Beyond Burrito if you have the Del Taco app.

Beyond Fresh Avocado Burrito
Beyond Fresh Avocado Burrito

And seeing as we hear our stomachs growling for a loaded avocado-filled burrito right about now, we’re guessing it's time we download that app and get to satisfy our craving.
P.S. Are you a huge fan of Beyond Meat? The company recently launched its value-pack “Cookout Classic” for $1.60 a burger if you’re ready to get you’re Beyond on while cooking up a storm on the grill at home.

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