Along the Southern California coast in Oceanside, a beach town about 30 miles north of San Diego, lies one of the region’s newest vegan restaurants: The Plot, an all-vegan eatery that is a "zero waste" restaurant, perfect for this veg-friendly and eco-aware city. The Plot's owners, Jessica & Davin Waite, are on a mission: "to feed an evolution, and make badass food with plants."

The Plot delivers, with a casual-chic ambiance, affordability, and a diverse menu teeming with flavors to pamper your tastebuds. They are now open for brunch and once you come off the waves or a beach walk, treat yourself to Chicken and Waffles made with a fried tofu chicken-doppelganger sitting atop a light and fluffy waffle. Or go for lunch or dinner and enjoy Shepherd’s Pie that perfectly amalgamates veggies, potatoes, and Thanksgiving-inspired flavors.

The Plot also serves up the Chronic sushi roll, which is stuffed with a lion’s mane mushroom “crab meat” that could fool any discerning palate. The Plot is not afraid to venture outside the norm and use novel made-in-house proteins for a pleasantly surprising twist on familiar dishes.

Opening initially in early 2020 (and winning all sorts of raves such as "Best New Restaurant of 2020" Critics Choice, San Diego Magazine) The Plot has rebounded from the initial closings and dip in traffic to become one of the trendiest restaurants in Southern California.

Calling All: For those seeking an elevated dining experience without the pomp and circumstance, The Plot is the place to get comfy with your company for thoughtful vegan eats. You can geek out with foodie friends over the choose-your-own-adventure menu perfect for eclectic fair-seeking connoisseurs.

Impress your date by taking them to an insider, ultra-hip plant-based foodie hangout; or be the hero of your friends’ group brunch as you sip your Bloody Mary, that is yes, topped with a vegan chicken nugget.

Plant Yourself: With a massive outdoor patio, there’s no shortage of primo seats. Indoor seating is spacious as well and boasts an eco-industrial vibe. Note the inside can get a tad loud, so if you want a space that’s a little quieter, opt for outdoor. Dining solo you can also grab a seat at the bar. Large groups are no problem as there are several picnic-type table options as well.

Order for the Table: There are many sharable items—and with so much to try you might want to role family style to try a little bit of everything. Try the Takoyaki, a surprising but mighty hush-puppy-like ball (which comes with three) drizzled in a yellow creamy sauce dubbed “yum yum sauce.” An atypical starter, but one to consider for the table, is one (or a few) of the sushi rolls. This is one of the sections on the menu that really shines. The Chronic sushi roll is basically a right of passage here, which is to say, it’s a must-order.

Don’t Miss: While the food is why you come, the carefully sourced local drinks might just be why you stay. Venture outside of beer and wine and try the Local Roots hard kombucha—they usually have a few different flavors to choose from. (And, if you need a refresher on hard kombucha—and why it’s amazing—checkout The Beet’s hard kombucha guide.) Also, don’t miss taking a moment to appreciate The Plot’s ultra eco-first model in everything they do. They grow almost 30 percent of their produce in an on-site garden and prioritize finding ways to reuse extra produce and food scraps, meeting their zero-waste goals.

When to go: Dinner is served Wednesday - Sunday, 4 pm-8:30 pm, and they recently introduced a weekend brunch, Saturday and Sunday, 11 am - 2:30 pm.


The Plot could be coming to a neighborhood near you

The Plot's founders plan to open more outposts, according to the website, which states:

The Plot is "a lively, inviting restaurant chain. We make delicious, high-quality, and sometimes boundary-pushing food that is completely plant-based. A conscientious business with operations that benefit our team, the health of our communities, and the future of our planet. "Our goal: build one, make it awesome, then build many."

The Plot is at the forefront of sustainable food packaging, having partnered with reVessel, a sustainable food storage solution to use packaging that allows for takeout that doesn't hurt the planet or result in waste. Their point: "We've long been trying to solve the problem of takeout packaging waste, and are now proudly offering our guests an option to utilize a reusable, toxin-free, and eco-friendly takeout container, with a simple swap process!"


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