Welcome to the best vegan options to eat when you find yourself lucky enough to be avoiding the coronavirus in ... wait for it... Maui! Yep, we hopped a flight (daring people that we are) and got ourselves to a green paradise. So here we are, eating and drinking our way around the most beautiful island. If you want to head on over, now you'll know exactly where to go!

First stop: The Beet takes you to Choice Health Bar in Maui, Hawaii.

This healthy restaurant destination boasts the winner of Best Vegetarian Food in Maui from 2012-2019. Chef’s and owner’s Emily Kunz and Kathryn Dahm, both moved to Maui from the east coast in 2008 and opened Choice Health Bar in 2011. They specialize in acai bowls, healthy smoothies and vegan desserts all Hawaiian produce and flavor centric.

1. Is Choice Health Bar fully vegan or does it just have vegan options?

Choice Health Bar is not fully vegan but everything on the menu can be adjusted to be plant-based. It's fast-casual, so you can come right from the beach, or on your way to surfing. Wear a simple coverup and flip flops and you'll fit right in!

2. Why did we order the Pow-a-Bunga Bowl and the Avocado Toast?

I ordered the Pow-a-Bunga bowl because I am almond butter obsessed. Organic strawberries and blueberries, plant-based protein powder and house-made granola made for a delicious breakfast. The avocado toast came on locally made wheat bread and the red pepper flakes made for a spicy twist on this classic dish,

3. How’s the service?

The employees were so kind as to ask me about my dietary needs and if I had any allergies so they could make my breakfast all vegan. Other than that, you're pretty much sitting wherever you like and there is no table service so just enjoy the chill vibe.

4. Would you eat here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

This is definitely a breakfast and lunch spot. It is easy to order your food "to go," or take it to one of the cafe tables and sit outside in the warm breeze.

5. Is this place a date spot, business meetings, or family dinner?

This is a definite healthy destination for friends and family. The menu is filled with bowls, smoothies, and food that everyone will find pleasing and delicious. I wouldn't go here for a first date unless you were testing how relaxed he or she could be.

6. If we could have ordered one more thing... How could we have missed this?

I am really happy with what I ordered and could totally see myself making this a part of my Hawaii daily routine.

7. What’s your overall rating of this restaurant?

On the "Caitee on The Beet" scale, I rate this place a 5 out of 5. I could hardly believe how huge their menu selection is and how many plant-based options there were.

Duke's Beach House
Duke's Beach House

Next, The Beet takes you to Duke’s Beach House in Maui, Hawaii.

This local favorite restaurant overlooks scenic ocean vistas and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's definitely more of a get-dressed-up-and-take-your-romantic-date here kind of place.

Under the direction of executive chef Scott McGill, the menu is filled with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients to rightfully make Duke’s hot spot for dining on the island. McGill has been with the TS restaurant group for the past 16 years and is a Hawaii resident.

He has a passion for fresh ingredients such as local fruits, vegetables, and spices making the menu full of flavor with a touch of island flair.

1. Is Duke’s Beach House fully vegan or does it just have vegan options?

Duke’s Beach House is not vegan, but they do have gluten-free and vegan options. I found it easy and simple to substitute items on the menu for vegan ones.

2.  Why did we order the Farmer’s Breakfast?

The Farmer’s Breakfast jumped out to me on the menu due to all of the nutrient and fresh ingredients used in the dish. Maui grown kale, fresh papaya, tomatoes, avocado, and house-made macadamia pesto. It was the ultimate hardy, delicious and guilt-free brunch.

3. How’s the service?

Our waitress, Shannon was so kind and helpful working with me offering to make a large variety of their dishes vegan-friendly. She suggested extra macadamia nut pesto and avocado instead of the egg, yum!

4. Would you eat here for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

This place is perfect for all three! According to our waitress, the lunch and dinner menus have a larger variety of vegan options then the brunch menu, so it is definitely worth trying this place again.

5. Is this place a date spot, business meetings, or family dinner?

I really fell in love with this place. The restaurant overlooks the beach and you sit under perfect umbrellas while basking in the sun. I would recommend this place for family’s outings and first dates. 

6. If we could have ordered one more thing... How could we have missed this?

I wish I had stuck around for lunch because apparently, they have a fantastic taro burger with vegan roasted garlic aioli. 

7. What’s our overall rating of this restaurant?

On the Caitee on the Beet scale, I rate this place a 6/10, the food was delicious and fresh but like most restaurants in Maui, the menu lacked many vegan options.

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