There's never been a better time to try to go plant-based with more and more delicious products hitting the shelves every week. First, you had Impossible and Beyond Burgers, then we got to try vegan or plant-based chicken, tunafish, and now every type of item you could ever yearn for, from vegan cheese to plant-based meals that get delivered or that you can buy at the store. Here, we taste and recommend our favorite healthy snacks, sips, and sauces, along with not-so-healthy indulgences. What to buy? If you're trying to eat more plant-based and follow a healthy diet, the choices are endless.

Check out our recommendations for the latest plant-based or vegan products to add to your grocery list or cart this week, from Lucy Danziger, Stephanie McClain, Hailey Welch, Caitlin Mucerino, Max Rabb, and Louisa Richards – aka the editors of The Beet –– since we are living the plant-based life and want to make it easier for you to do it too! Have a great, healthy plant-based week, from our kitchen to yours!

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Lucy's Favorite Plant-Based Product of the Week

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XFood Meal Delivery from Chef Matthew Kenney and PlantX, the e-commerce platform

One of our favorite plant-based chefs, Matthew Kenney, just solved the problem:
What's for dinner?" If you're ever in a quandary about what to eat that is delicious, plant-based, and clean tasting, all you need to do is have these meals at the ready. Pop one into the microwave and in a matter of minutes, about as long as it took me to uncork a nice Pino Grigio, you're eating restaurant-quality food at home. And at a fraction of the price.

I happen to love chickpeas and when I microwaved the Chickpea Tikka Masala on Rice, the amazing thing was that by adding a tiny bit of water to the rice (as instructed) it turned out fluffy and perfect, not starchy or heavy. The sauce had settled on the bottom so with a simple stirring (I would suggest plating) you can make your meal look as if you slaved all day or ordered in from your favorite Matthew Kenney restaurant. The fact that these are now available is a real game-changer.

Next up: I am having the wild mushroom alfredo tonight, the baked mac and cheese cauliflower next, and the vegan orange chicken with broccoli and brown rice after that. With my freezer stocked, I look forward to nights when I don't have to go out or eat overpriced or less healthy restaurant food. I wiill never eat leftovers for dinner again, thanks to this Matthew Kenney partnership with PlantX.

Happy fine dining at home. (Need some breakfast options? You will love the breakfast burrito, the frittata, or the overnight oats. Enjoy these meals and treat your loved ones to them as well. Or don't. You're not really going to want to share your favorites. So enjoy them when the house is empty, your favorite show is on DVR, and you get to have a little "me" time. Cheers!

Order your meals at PlantX. Right now delivery is restricted to within 60 miles of Los Angeles but PlantX expects to expand this to national distribution soon.

Stephanie's Favorite Plant-Based Product of the Week

Instagram / @drinkwildwonder
Instagram / @drinkwildwonder

Wildwonder Sparkling Drinks

If you crave fizzy drinks but want to skip out on the excessive sugar and chemicals and drink something that actually is good for you, wildwonder is here to change the sparkling beverage game. These natural mood, immune, and gut-boosting drinks are full of prebiotics and probiotics to help support healthy gut flora.

With no refined sugar, just 6 grams of natural sugars, and 35 calories per can, you wouldn't believe how delicious these drinks are. Wildwonder's unique flavors include Guava Rose, Mango Turmeric, Pear Turmeric, Lemon Ginger, and my personal favorite, Peach Ginger, and all get a 10/10 on taste for me.

These offerings are also some of the most unique and delightful flavor combinations I've sampled, and while I just sipped them straight from the can, I can envision wildwonder tasting delicious when mixed into a cocktail.

You can purchase wildwonder on Amazon or the brand's website

Hailey's Favorite Plant-Based Product of the Week


1. Lee Kum Kee's Pre-Packaged Panda Chinese Noodles

Chinese takeout is my biggest guilty pleasure and I just discovered that it tastes just as good, if not better, eating noodles at home with Lee Kum Kee's Pre-Packaged Panda Chinese Noodles made completely vegan with all kinds of different spices, sauces, and seasonings. I like to make the noodles and add sauteed tofu and mixed veggies to the dish – it's delicious!

This meal doesn't get easier to make: All you need is to add the sauce to the noodles and heat up the bowl in ht microwave for less than three minutes. Lee Kum Kee's noodles are the perfect at-home replacement for Chinese noodles and they also offer ramen, soba, and fried rice, the choice is yours. 

To purchase these vegan Chinese noodles, visit their website.

Caitlin's Favorite Plant-Based Product of the Week

Bitchin' Sauce

Chipotle Bitchin' Sauce

I first saw Bitchin' Sauce at Costco a while back but was always hesitant to buy a huge tub since I had never tried it before. After finding a smaller version at my local grocery store, I decided to finally give it a try and immediately regretted not buying the huge tub.

Bitchin' Sauce is a vegan and gluten-free dip/spread that you can use on literally everything. Chipotle Bitchin' Sauce has the perfect amount of heat and the creamy texture is everything you look for in a dip or spread. I sometimes find myself making meals that I know I can use Bitchin' Sauce in. Some of my favorite dishes to use this chipotle sauce in are avocado toast, taco bowls or dairy-free grilled cheese. Bitchin' Sauce is one of the healthiest dips I've seen at stores: It's made out of almonds and has no added sugars or fillers in it. I am currently obsessed with the Chipotle flavor, but you can also find it in eight other flavors such as Cilantro Chili, Spinach Artichoke, Pesto and Buffalo. Needless to say, I am now buying the massive tub at Costco on a weekly basis.

To buy Bitchin' Sauce, click here

Max's Favorite Plant-Based Product of the Week

Future Farm

Future Farms Future Burger

The plant-based burger market is becoming almost overwhelmingly saturated. Even though this is definitely a good sign as more people want to try a plant-based burger, it's almost impossible to determine which burger to buy. After many trial-and-error purchases, I stumbled across the Future Farm plant-based patty. The plant-based burger packs all the flavor with no GMOs, gluten, or heme to give anyone a delicious burger experience.

The best part of Future Farm's patty is that it takes on the flavor of any marinade that you want to coat the burger with. Sometimes plant-based burgers overwhelm the marinade you choose or just simply don't take on the flavor. The Future Farm burger exceeds these expectations and allows any home cook to flavor the patty any way they want.

The protein-packed patty contains only clean label ingredients, sourcing its protein from chickpeas, peas, and soy. The nutrient-rich burger is notably one of the healthiest plant-based burger patties on the market. For anyone (plant-based or not) looking for a healthier burger experience, I highly recommend trying this delicious plant-based patty.

To purchase any Future Farms products, click here.

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