Nic’s On Beverly, a plant-based sit-down restaurant in Los Angeles, serves an eclectic menu of familiar cuisine—all veganized—from crispy rice to burgers, to lasagna, to pizza, and more. While Nic’s is most certainly cuisine-type agnostic which is demonstrated in its seemingly random menu, there is a method to this menu madness. "Growing up in Los Angeles I was exposed to so many different cultures through food,” says Nic Adler, founder of Nic’s on Beverly, and also co-founder of the popular burger joint Monty’s Good Burger.

“Most of the stories I share somehow always revolve around something I ate. We try to retell the stories through [the Nic’s On Beverly] menu." Out of Nic’s storied menu rises a few standout dishes, one of the best brunches in LA, plus some creative cocktails—all of which make Nic’s certainly worth a visit. Here’s everything to know about this vibey vegan restaurant including the one surprising dish that Nic’s does better than anyone else in the city.

Calling all: Eaters seeking a vibey foodie refuge from the hustle and bustle of LA, and looking for a date night spot, or a killer brunch for the group. Also, if you are a pizza aficionado clear your schedule and head to Nic’s right now. (Read on to find out why). Nic’s is not fine-dining, but it’s certainly nice enough that you’ll feel comfortable to go dressed up, or down, and not feel out of place no matter which direction you go.

Plant yourself: At the large outdoor dog-friendly back patio adorned with trees and foliage which should be your first-choice area to sit. Also, check out the long in-door bar in the front of the restaurant that’s always staffed by bartenders whipping up their signature cocktails; it’s a nice and comfortable place to grab a drink and have some apps especially if dining solo.

When to go: If you are strategizing when to go to Nic’s, brunch might just be the best place to start. Brunch is one of those meals that is harder to come by at non-vegan restaurants, so having a dedicated dining experience that understands how to infuse plant-based life into brunch-time classics is critical. Nic’s does this well and your meat-eating friends won’t be disappointed either. After you are smitten by their brunch, you’ll be coming back for dinner, or lunch to try additional items on the menu.

Don’t miss: Nic’s has truly mastered one dish in particular: Its wood-fired Detroit-style pizza. You might expect to find the best pizza in LA at a pizza joint, but Nic’s proves that’s not the case. If you’re not familiar, Detroit-style pizza features a thick outer crispy crust and airy and chewy inside with strategic layering of toppings—and it’s baked in a square pan, which harkens back to the 1940 automotive era when this pizza type was first invented in Detroit.

The most notable overall item on the Nic’s menu is the Detroit-style Balsamic Ricotta pizza ($26), layered with an almond-based cheese made in-house, garlic, drizzled with balsamic, and topped with arugula. Toppings are stationed on a doughy pillow parked between a rectangular crispy crust. It’s heavenly. In total, Nic’s has a choice of five pizza flavor options and are all served at lunch, dinner, and brunch. Nic’s Detroit-style pies are a welcome and refreshing change-of-pizza-pace to the extra thin, floppy flatbreads and slices that have come to dominate the modern-day vegan pizza scene.

And for brunch, the Waffler Sandwich ($25) with tempeh bacon and other fixings is a crowd-pleaser; or opt for the most traditional Breakfast Sandwich ($21) which uses JUST folded egg, plant-based sausage, and delectable jalapeño aioli. You also can’t go wrong with simple brunch classics like pancakes and waffles, both served with creative and flavorful toppings.

Order for the table: The Tempura Avocado Tacos ($16) which comes with three tacos topped with a creamy Serrano aioli. Also, the Kennebec Potato Gratin Fries ($10) comes with a dreamy harissa secret sauce that’s so good you may want to order a second.

Save room for: The Butterscotch Pudding ($13), which comes with a side of two large chocolate chip cookies, is a standout and a must-try. Also, make room for creative cocktails. You might be tempted to stick with a familiar and basic cocktail, but Nic’s has infused new life into its cocktail menu, bringing in storied alcohol brands and amalgamating surprising flavors to create cocktails that begged to be savored with every sip.

Nic’s Executive Beverage Director, Jason Eisner, has a philosophy that cocktails are an experience but most importantly they should be fun. The Matcha Made in Heaven ($14) for example is made with LA-based animal do-gooder brand Hera the Dog Vodka, mixed with coconut milk, and matcha which makes for a vibrant green flower-garnished cocktail that could certainly function as your dessert, or pair nicely with it.

Nic's On Beverly

Nic’s on Beverly is open for dinner and lunch, Wednesday - Sunday and serves its brunch menu on Saturday and Sunday (11 am- 3 pm). There is also decent street parking in the area and valet parking available behind the restaurant.

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