This Labor Day Weekend there will be plenty of traditional hamburgers and hot dogs fired up on the grill, that's why its the perfect time to make something different for your guests, like this Hawaiian Vegan Burger. This healthy burger tastes so light and refreshing, and in one bite you can get the veggie patty, a layer of fresh pineapple, and smoky BBQ sauce. The best part? You will still be able to dance to the music instead of feeling completely full and bogged down from eating traditional BBQ. Serve this plant-based burger with a side of potato salad and enjoy a chilled drink of your choice. Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Recipe Developer: Lauren, @Flora_and_Vino

Why we love it: Vegan burgers are the way to go this holiday and we're switching it up with this Hawaiian burger. Shock your guest with something they have never tasted before and tell them to find the recipe on The Beet. This plant-based burger is delicious and refreshing!

Make it for: Your backyard BBQ, lunch, or dinner. When you're in the mood to switch up your classic vegan burger, try this one–you will be glad you did.

Prep Time: 10 mins

Cook Time: 10 mins

Total Time: 20 minutes

The Best Hawaiian Vegan Burger Recipe

Makes 1 sandwich 


  • Avocado oil
  • Hilary’s Eat Well World’s Best Veggie Burger
  • Gluten-free buns
  • Pineapple rings
  • Sliced avocado
  • Refined sugar-free BBQ sauce
  • Red onion, sliced
  • Leaf lettuce, torn


  1. Add a drizzle of avocado oil to a skillet along with your Hilary’s Eat Well World’s Best Veggie Burger.
  2. Heat over medium for ~5-6 minutes on each side, or until golden brown all over.
  3. While your Hilary’s Eat Well World’s Best Veggie Burger is cooking, add the pineapple rings to a grill pan over medium-high and heat for 4-5 minutes on each side, or until you have charred marks on both sides. Remove from the heat and set aside.
  4. To assemble the burgers, add BBQ sauce on the bottom bun and layer up with your cooked Hilary’s Eat Well World’s Best Veggie Burger, avocado, pineapple, red onion, and leaf lettuce.
  5. Top with the second half of the bun and smush down to form a compact sandwich. Enjoy immediately!

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