We all could use a little cooking inspiration right about now. No matter how much we try to eat healthily, getting new exciting plant-based meals on the table takes a little creativity. That's where these videos come in. We put together a mix of the seven best sources for fun, entertaining and practical recipes to make your breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and sweets while sheltering at home. Each of these creators has entire libraries of video recipes that are as easy to make as they are delicious. The best part about a video recipe is you get to watch it in easy-to-follow steps, so it's like a cooking lesson in your kitchen.

The best thing about video recipes is that you learn as you go.

We love a video recipe because you can pause it if you need another second to see how the ingredients are chopped, added, or mixed. Feel free to rewind if you need another look at an instructional step. It takes the intimidation factor out of cooking from a regular recipe where you could skip a step or do it all wrong.

Want the written version? Simply click on the Video and Check out the Recipe

For the written version of each of these recipes, simply click on the videos to view the recipe in the caption of the developer. Go to the 'View Profile' tab to check out other recipes on their Instagram, since we love these developers and all their recipes are great. Enjoy!

1. The Buddhist Chef's General Tso's Chickpeas

We love the Buddhist Chef. His easy to follow recipes, jazzy music and quick cut scenes means that you get entertained as you learn to cook. The actual person behind the persona isean-Philippe Cyr, a chef, and Buddhist for 20 years who lives in Quebec with his wife and is dedicated to making easy, healthy delicious vegan dishes. If you want all 100 in one place, consider buying his cookbook, The Buddhist Chef. We love this easy recipe for General Tso's Chickpeas and made it for the entire family.

2. Rachel Ama's Budget Friendly Vegan Snacks

Rachel's British brand of Caribbean style cooking makes us want to sound like her and cook liker her too. Her budget snack lineup runs the gamut from easy apple tarts to mini cashew and tomato tarts-- which look like the perfect healthy savory bites to serve the family.

Many of her recipes have as few as 3 ingredients, and others (her dinners) look hearty enough to serve the hungriest of diners. (Your boyfriend, husband, or growing kids.) Rachel keeps it fun, often sipping wine and dancing around the kitchen as she preps. We are down for the whole program. She has a library of videos in her cheerful yet homey kitchen, and her cookbook offers 100 vegan recipes to make now,

You can learn to cook and be entertained, during the days of sheltering ahead. Follow Rachel here.



3. Beetroot Hummus Salad Bowl by Fivesechealth

With only eight healthy ingredients, this bowl is easy to make and will take you less than five minutes to prep and 2 minutes to put together. It's full of fibrous green vegetables like lettuce, sprouts, broccoli, and healthy fats like avocado. And we can't forget the protein, this bowl is packed with vegan protein like beetroot hummus, which is made with chickpeas and beets. (Our favorite Beetroot hummus is Lantana Hummus, and you can purchase it at any grocery store near you or order it online on Amazon or Instacart) Edamame which is a soy-based vegetable and one cup of sunflower seeds equal 29 grams of protein. Check out how much protein is in 6 different seeds here.

4. Goodful's Warm and Comforting Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

You know these cinnamon rolls will be the crowd-pleaser on Sunday morning. Want to get them out of bed? The smell of delicious baked goods will have your gang racing down the stairs to the kitchen to grab a hot-from-the-oven roll.

This recipe is made with vegan alternatives like almond milk and vegan butter. The best butter to use for baking is Miyoko's Cultured Vegan Butter. Drizzle on the vanilla icing or eat it without the extra frosting; these rolls are sinful either way.

Just ahead's up, you will need to cover the dough batter for 1 hour to let it rise in advance of baking, so plan accordingly.

5. Massaged Kale Salad with Chickpeas

It's time to mix up your everyday kale salad and this delicious dressing will add a bitter but sweet tang to your usual greens. We love this simple recipe as a dressing for any salad base that needs a little more flavor, whether it's chickpeas or spinach.  Add the dressing in small doses, because it has a strong aftertaste, but that's why we love it. Massage the dressing onto your kale leaves and let sit for a few minutes before eating. Top it with healthy plant-based proteins like chickpeas, almonds, lentils, beans or tofu.

6. Morning Metabolism Boost Cleansing Drink

Need a cleanse after a day of unhealthy eating? Overdid it last night while out with a friend? This drink will help you get back on track. It even works if you aren't feeling well or need a boost of extra energy to power through the day. Drink it in the morning to feel rejuvenated and recharged.

If you are coming down with something, we recommend adding even more ginger to the mix. Be careful about how much cayenne pepper you add to the drink because all the ingredients are extremely strong and mixed together, the drink can taste like biting a jalapeño pepper.

Aside from the taste, the metabolism booster has apple cider vinegar, which is proven to help you lose weight. For more on ACV and the health benefits, click here.

7. Vegan Mac and Cheese that's Actually Healthy

With 18 grams of protein, this dairy-free mac 'n' cheese is a lot healthier than traditional ones. The 'cheese' is made in a blender with potatoes, carrots, cashews, and onions. This recipe will take you less than 15 minutes to make, just be sure to cook the pasta before you start blending the cheese to get it ready to serve. If you want more of a cheesy taste, add more nutritional yeast. Serve this to your kids and see if they even notice the difference!

Love a video recipe? Send it our way and we may just feature it in or next list of video recipes to try!

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