Real talk: There comes a time in everybody’s quarantine cooking life when they realize picking up one more cutting board, boiling one more pot of water, Crock-Potting one more makeshift vegan jambalaya won’t do. You’re ready to hang up mom’s red apron, restock your wooden knife block, and give up cooking in favor of treating yourself—if only for a fleeting, glorious night.

That’s why, this week of quarantining here in NYC, we’re taking a vow of spoil-hood. Rather than spend time laboring around the kitchen stove, we’ll indulge in some fantastic vegan takeout from three stellar eateries (bonus: these affordable locales won’t blow your budget).

1. Just Salad, find your nearest location here

First up, we’re excited to order from lettuce maestros, Just Salad, with virtually endless possibilities for plant-based build-your-own salads and wraps, as well as set menu favorites like the Tokyo Supergreens Salad with Tofu and the Beyond Tex Mex Salad with Beyond Beef Meatballs.

Recently, inspired by company employees, Just Salad also launched a grocery delivery service, Just Grocery. There, you can load up on everything from snacks to salad dressings, along with pre-cut produce, fruits and veggies, and even toilet paper and paper towels. (We know we’ll be stocking up on their Avocado Mash, too. Before you check out, you may also want to consider tacking on a $10 or $25 healthcare worker meal donation onto your order, which will send a tasty meal to a healthcare worker on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis. Amidst the outbreak, Just Salad has also partnered with Mount Sinai to deliver 10,000 meals each week to hospital workers, so you can feel good knowing you’re supporting a company giving back to our hospital heroes right now. Currently, Just Salad is delivering to Manhattan, Brooklyn, North Jersey, and The Hamptons.

2. Beatnic

Next, treat yourself to delivery from Beatnic, the beloved vegan eatery that now offers Manhattan and Brooklyn delivery through their app with rewards, exclusive menu items, and a seamless contact-free pickup or delivery experience. We know we’ll be beelining straight to adding the Kale Caesar and Mac N’ Cheese to our cart, but beloved go-to's like the classic burger, air-baked sweet potato fries, chocolate chip cookies, are also not to be ignored.

In partnership with Maggie Baird, mother of Billie Eilish and FINNEAS, Beatnic has also debuted their “Support + Feed” initiative which lets you easily add a donation to your order that goes towards providing plant-based meals to vulnerable communities including hospitals, first responders, senior centers, homeless shelters, and women’s centers around New York City. You can also make a donation here.

3. sweetgreen, find your nearest location here

Last but certainly not least, we’re feasting on sweetgreen, which recently debuted delivery, in addition to their pickup options at locations in LA, NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, D.C., and beyond.

In March, sweetgreen created Impact Outpost in partnership with José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen, an endeavor to deliver free meals to hospital partners. By the end of last month, they had already donated 100,000 meals and counting to 200 hospital partners nationwide. That’s a lot of salads and bowls, friends. Now, they’re working towards their new goal of serving a total of 250,000 meals to these selfless workers across the country.

Tonight, we’re all about the Tofu Steak + Sweet Potatoes plate. Tomorrow, we think we’ll be feeling the Shroomami bowl—guess we’ll add that onto our order and plan on taking another evening off from that red apron, after all.

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