Introducing: The 21 Day Plant-Based Challenge

It's the start of the Lunar New Year. No better time than now to hit refresh on your 2020 goals.  You want to go plant-based for 21 Days to feel and look your best in three weeks? That's great. Now what? The Beet has everything you need to get started.

Want to Feel Better & Stay Healthier This Winter? Start Your Challenge.

At The Beet, we believe that eating mostly plant-based whole foods for three weeks (or longer) is the perfect way to become your healthiest self. In just three weeks you can feel leaner, lighter, and less bloated. You might also lose weight, lower your cholesterol or blood sugar, and even detox out the chemicals and antibiotics found in most animal products.

All this in one simple decision. So, congratulations! You made the choice to try it. Now what? This is where The Beet comes in. We created the all-in-one guide with 21 tips, tricks, daily to-dos and easy swaps that will make it fun, delicious and totally doable to go plant-based.

Think of this Plan as Your Menu, Where You Get to Choose What You Like

You can jump in and start on any one of these 21 items on day one Love to cook? We supply 7 breakfasts, 7 snacks, and 21 lunches and dinners so you can create your perfect day of healthy eating, every day. Eating out? We have the best way to order at any kind of restaurant you may be heading to.

Hate to Cook? Or Simply No Time? Get Meals Delivered, and a Discount!

We partnered with the food delivery service Plantable, to get you $21 off your first order of their Quick Start program, which means you only pay $204 for six days of healthy plant-based food (other than breakfast which we figure you can take care of yourself). Check out our story on Plantable, and sample recipes, here for how to sign up. And remember to use the code TheBeet21 to get your discount when you check out!

Take it Step-by-Step, to Not Feel Overwhelmed

Think of this guide is your best friend as you get going. We know that it can be a little daunting when you start.  The word we hear most when people switch their diet to plant-based? “Overwhelming.” As in “I go to Trader Joe’s to shop and it’s overwhelming. I just don’t know where to start!” It IS a little overwhelming. But you can do it.

You can eat lots of your favorite foods. Whether that’s pizza or burgers, ice cream, or cake -- there are new products being released every week -- of (mostly) healthy plant-based versions of all your favorites, plus our recipes help you create your own dinners that are plant-based and delicious. And it’s cheaper than you’d think to go plant-based, especially if you cook for yourself.

We’ll also tell you which veggies have the most protein. We also have a list of the legumes, nuts, and seeds with the most protein. Not sure where to get your calcium? We have that list, too. Iron? Yep, got you covered. Supplements like B12 and zinc have you scratching your head? You may or may not need to take a pill, but check out our guides first, since you can get everything your body needs from food!

The Downloadable Weekly Calendar Log Has Everything You Need to Keep Track of your progress. And if you still have questions, our two dietician/nutritionists are standing by waiting to live chat you--we will host Facebook live chats in January, so you can reach out to them and the editors who are a few steps ahead of you on our journey.  We have also done tons of research, interviewed doctors, studied the research, and have a vast wealth of information to share -- just email us at

One note: We want you to know that this is not an absolute or unforgiving diet where if you slip up--accidentally or on purpose--you’ve wasted your time. No effort is too small! Look for consistency, not perfection. Being mostly plant-based for 21 days will change your body. Your microbiome, essentially your gut bacteria,  will change how you metabolize foods like cheese, dairy, and meat.

You’ll be healthier for changing your body to run on mostly plant-based protein. So, if you nibble on a little pastry (made with butter and eggs) or a little cheesy artichoke dip, or take a bite of your kid’s chicken nugget, it’s okay! Just move on, get back to the healthier whole food plant-based choices, and don’t fret. You’ve got this.

 -- Lucy & The Beet Team

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