Starbucks is Testing a Greener Menu With Over 50 Percent Plant-Based Items
Starbucks is set to open a new store that boasts a menu with over 50 percent plant-based items, additionally implementing several sustainability measures including repurposed materials and zero-waste initiatives. As part of its “Greener Stores” concept, the new Shanghai store will be the company's first international iteration, promoting both sustainability and plant-based offerings. The Greener S
Starbucks Announces a “Dominant Shift” Towards Plant-Based Menu Items
Starbucks is widening the scope of its plant-based options, announcing that the company plans to innovate its food and drink menu to further capitalize on the changing consumer trends towards meatless and dairy-free diets. The coffee chain took massive steps to accommodate plant-based eaters over the last year, but the company plans to renew and revamp these promises...
Starbuck CEO Agrees Adding More Plant-Based Milks Will Help Cut Carbon Footprint
Starbucks is not ditching dairy, as some of the confusing recent headlines might have you believe. In fact, the coffee giant is not even agreeing to get rid of the surcharge on plant-based milk. What is happening, though is that the CEO has announced a plan to modernize production and food delivery systems (like more reusable containers) to lower the chain’ carbon footprint...