This summer, Starbucks is checking off a couple of crucial boxes on their list of plant-based to-do's: In early June the chain released a new vegan pink drink, and now they're launching the meatless breakfast sandwich they promised to deliver.

Starbucks just introduced the new Impossible Breakfast Sandwich, which comes complete with an Impossible plant-based sausage patty, aged cheddar cheese, and a cage-free fried egg on artisanal ciabatta bread. For plant-forward eaters or those striving to eat less meat, Starbucks earns 5 gold stars, but vegans may ask "where is the non-dairy cheese and Just Egg?" Luckily, you can ask the barista to make the sandwich without the egg and cheese if you need some plant-based protein in a pinch.

The new Impossible Breakfast Sandwich was part of Starbuck's commitment offering more menu items that are environmentally sustainable. "We are thrilled to expand our plant-based menu into food with this new breakfast sandwich,” says Starbucks chief sustainability officer, Michael Kobori. The sandwich is priced at $4.95 to $5.25 depending on the retailer's location and is available at 15,000 U.S. locations.

Beyond Meat vs. Impossible Foods, who wins?

But wait...what happened to the Starbucks partnership with Beyond Meat? The rivalry continues. Impossible Food's biggest competitor, Beyond Meat, has partnerships with Starbucks in two different markets, China and Canada, and their stock increased incredibly when menu items featuring the brand's products were introduced in those countries. Starbucks shocked many with the decision to supply faux meat from Impossible Foods in the US.

After the news caught consumer's attention, a spokeswoman said, “Starbucks works with a variety of suppliers around the globe,” defending the new Impossible Breakfast Sandwich.

Impossible Foods is on the rise. After Burger King added the popular Impossible Whopper, the company started selling products in grocery stores across the U.S and is testing direct-to-consumer sales, according to Bloomberg News.

During the COVID-19 crisis, sales of meatless meat have risen 35% as consumers recognize the harm of eating animal products as meat processing plants around the country report high numbers of employees infected with the virus. It's clear that shoppers are reaching more and more for vegan protein options, as tofu sales spiked by 66 percent last week.

Nutrition Information for the Starbucks Impossible Plant-Based Sandwich

Serving Size 150 g, Calories 430, Calories from Fat 210


  • Total Fat 23 g 29%
  • Saturated Fat 8 g 40%

  • Trans Fat 0 g

  • Cholesterol 190 mg 63%
  • Sodium 830 mg 36%
  • Total Carbohydrates 36 g 13%
  • Dietary Fiber 3 g 11%

  • Sugars 4 g

  • Protein 22 g 44%


    The percentage is based on the daily value.

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