Here’s How Much Zinc You Need to Boost Immunity Right Now
Got zinc? That may be the question of the moment, especially if you’re popping zinc supplements like candy in hopes of building your immune system. Yet immune function is a complicated topic, and while having the right amount of zinc on board could help prevent infections, taking excess zinc may not be the best strategy. What i...
What to Eat If You Lose Your Sense of Smell and Taste Due to COVID
Losing your sense of smell or taste after COVID is not only distressing, it could also lead to further health problems, especially if it causes you to alter your diet. Although there are no proven treatments to bring back your taste or smell, and research into this symptom of COVID is still in its early days, making some small changes to your diet may help reset your senses and keep you healthy wh
Doctor: Keep Blood Sugar Low to Help Prevent Severe COVID Symptoms
Keeping blood sugar low and stable can help you stay healthier, and fight off the worse symptoms of COVID-19 if you get infected with the Delta variant, according to a diabetes doctor. The symptoms of infection are made worse by conditions related to insulin resistance, diabetes, and the inflammation that accompanies them, a study confirms. Research ...
How to Eat to Stay Healthy, Avoid COVID Over the Holidays, from Dr. Greger
We asked Dr. Michael Greger how to stay healthy during the holidays and eat to strengthen our immune system and try to avoid COVID-19 as best we can. Dr. Greger is an MD and bestselling author of How Not to Die, as well as How Not to Diet, two thick books that help you learn all the ways to stave off illness and diseases like heart disease, Alzheimer's, and type 2 diabetes, as well as all other ki
The 10 Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Should Be Eating Right Now
Inflammation is a process that helps your body fight off infections, heal injuries, and flush out toxins. While it is beneficial to ward off things that are harmful, inflammation that persists can be dangerous and "chronic inflammation" can negatively influence blood flow, harming cell tissue, and organs...
Coronavirus Made Consumers Aware of Food Origins, and Choose Plant-Based
As we round the corner on month seven of life during a pandemic, a few lasting truths appear to be emerging: One is that we need to adopt better hygiene, since frequent hand-washing and wearing masks can stop the spread of the virus. The other is that we need to eat better, and if the industry forecasters are correct, American consumers are vastly embracing more plant-based foods and leaving anima

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