Sunday was National Pizza Day. You don't need to tell us twice. But for that matter, isn't everyday Pizza Day? Of course, going plant-based has meant that ordering your favorite slice got a little more complicated. Option A: Hold the cheese. (It actually tastes better than you'd expect.) Option B. Find a vegan pizza joint. That used to sound like an oxymoron. But not anymore. There are so many new vegan pizza places opening up, you can now take your pick in most parts of the world. To wit, the Courier-Post just served up: "Five best vegan pizza places in South Jersey."Here is that story, for all you Jersey girls and boys. Heck, we want to live there!

1. Double Zero (multiple locations)

Thanks to places like Double Zero, Matthey Kenney's outpost that specializes in dairy-free Italian fare, including pizzas, pasta, and more, the options just keep on growing. Double Zero has more than a dozen places and counting. Recent additions to the Double Zero family include outfits in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Providence, RI, Boston, Baltimore, and of course New York, in both the East Village and Brooklyn. There's also a spot in Venice, California.

Live in NYC? We got you. Yes, you can head on down to Double Zero for your dairy-free pie,  and you may need to wait since even on normal days the plant-based and vegan diners who want high-end experiences as well as classic Italian fare without sacrificing anything but the meat and dairy flock to this mecca. Kenney knows his clientele and wants what he delivers!
For Sunday, National Pizza Day, Double Zero's sister restaurant in Venice, Califonia, is going full tilt into social marketing. There, pizza lovers can get half off their second pie if they participate in social sharing, liking, posting and tagging. That's fine. We'll just split the next one with our friend and not worry that we don't live in Venice.

2. Screamers, New York City

Screamers is another major New York vegan pizza institution, with two locations, one in Green Point and the Other Crown Heights. Screamers—where you can get delivery or head over to the shops—offers vegan pizza that looks and tastes like the classics you grew up with, and we can't wait to head over there for our next slice. We'll take whatever they're serving!

3. Two Boots (multiple locations)

Perhaps—at least for our own Sun Sachs, vegan guru extraordinaire—the favorite vegan pie to be found in New York City is the V pizza at Two Boots (V stands for Vegan of course) which is basically such a medley of tastes you don't even miss the cheese.

4. Cruzer's, Los Angeles

The OG when it comes to LA's vegan scene, pizza or not. Cruzer's went fully vegan nearly a decade ago. And, believe it or not, it's the city's only 100% vegan pizza joint. It recently expanded to a much larger Hollywood location as demand for vegan pies soars. Try the Jamaican, the Phillysteak, or build your own.

5. Sizzle Pie, Portland, Oregon

Portland's vegan scene is booming. Especially when it comes to vegan pizza. Sizzle Pie isn't 100% vegan but it does meat- and dairy-free like nobody's business. Try the Spiral Tap. Buffalo 666, or the Vegan Angel of Doom.

6. Mohawk Bend, Los Angeles

Known for many things: perfect location, all those ridiculously delicious beer options, that big fireplace, the former movie theater is an east side institution. And those vegan pizzas have a lot to do with Mohawk Bend's success. Check out the pie of the month, which donates profits to rotating charities every month. Favorites include the Vegan Pepperoni and the Angry Vegan. But while you're there, be sure to order the buffalo cauliflower, a fan favorite.

7. Dimo's Pizza, Chicago

This Wicker Park and Wrigleyville favorite is so committed to fresh that it grows ingredients on its own rooftop! Certainly not something you'd expect from the Windy City, but locals can't get enough of Dimo's Pizza. Try the Papas Bravas with ranch and vegan mozz.

8. Veggie Crust, Boston

Everything is vegetarian at Veggie Crust in Somerville and Brookline. The pizza shop also serves its own ice cream, paninis, pasta, and salads. The menu is inventive with pies like the Coconut Corn, Curry Leaf Pesto Portobella, and a Falafel Pizza.

9. Pi Vegan Pizzeria, Seattle

Pi Vegan Pizzeria boasts the title of being America's oldest vegan pizza shop and we're not going to even challenge that. All we want? Another slice, of course! Get your crusts stuffed, if you want, chow down on a vegan meat lovers (Canadian bacon!), or do it the Seattle way with the Rainy Day white garlic sauce pizza. You can't go wrong.

10. Blaze Pizza (multiple locations)

If LeBron James is one of your investors, you know you're onto something big. Based in Pasadena, California, Blaze Pizza now has over 300 locations and is growing fast. The menu items are labeled vegan, and every location offers vegan cheese options and loads of veggies. Build your own and enjoy that fast fire'd flavor!

Want to make your own? We found this recipe that makes it look so simple.

Wherever you choose to bite into your vegan slice, Send your recommendations to The Beet. Or tag us. We'll be doing the same!

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