The latest vegan restaurant to hit the Los Angeles foodie scene is Stand-Up Burgers, which opened this month in Culver City. Might this be the best vegan burger spot in Los Angeles yet? You’ll have to go forth and try yourself. We tried, and spoiler, it’s really damn good. In the meantime, here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about the new LA burger joint serving up 100 percent plant-based eats.

It’s not uncommon to feel either overwhelmed by a menu’s selection or like there’s something left to be desired. But Stand-up Burgers has perfected the art of a balanced menu. They have four burger types, all with unique fixings, and come standard with an Impossible patty; there’s a Buffalo Chick’n burger; and a Loaded Dog, which uses a Field Roast sausage.

For sides, you can load up on plain or loaded potato tots, or opt for some lighter fare with the delicious caesar salad (which you can optionally top with any patty). The thick-cut fries are also heavenly, so make sure to order a side of those — you can get them plain, or if you’re feeling ambitious, go for the Save The Animal-Style Fries. And last but not least the sweets … read on for those details, which were certainly deserving of their own section.

Not a fan of faux meat? There’s a swap for that

Some of the most notorious burger joints in LA are all faux meat, all the time. Stand-Up Burgers though has an answer for that: a chickpea patty that can be swapped into any burger. For those in the mood for a non-meaty burger, the chickpea patty is a refreshing option.

It’s all ‘bout that sauce, ‘bout that sauce…

One thing Stand-Up burger nails is its sauces. The Special Sauce is reminiscent of a Thousand Island dressing, and the Creamy Ranch is exactly as it sounds. While burgers come well dressed, you’ll want to pick up a few extra sauces (which do cost extra) for dipping your fries.

As for the sweet, there are four shake flavors to choose from, fresh-backed cookies, and donuts…but not just any donuts. Stand-up Burgers collaborates with Donut Friend — arguably LA’s best and most famous vegan donut shop — to offer a selection of three rotating types of fresh-baked donuts. If you live in LA, you know that if you’re on the westside, driving to Donut Friend in DTLA, or Highland Park, is a burn. Now, you can get a taste of LA’s best vegan donuts a little closer to home.

Eat a burger, do some good …, and then some more good.

It’s no surprise that beyond making planet- and animal-friendly food, Stand-Up Burgers is going further with its do-gooder endeavors. They will be partnering with a local charity — at the time of writing this has not been determined yet — and with each specialty Stand-Up burger, and Stand-Up shake sold, they donate a portion of the sale to the partner nonprofit.

If Veggie Grill is your mini-van driving soccer Dad, Stand-up Burgers is your edgy punk-rock cousin. As the name implies, Stand-Up Burgers is loud and proud about ‘standing up’ for making an impactful and important contribution to the planet — and they do that in large part through making plant-based food for all.

While Veggie Grill has been on the scene since 2006 and now has nearly 30 locations, Stand-Up Burgers is gaining a footing of its own with its now third location, Culver City in LA. (They also have two locales in Chicago, IL, and one in Berkley, CA.)

The Culver City location is Stand-Up Burgers’ first foray into Southern California, but it won’t be their last. According to the company, Stand-Up Burgers is planning to open in Santa Monica later this year and is also heading to an eastern coastal hotspot: NYC.

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