Hungry is an understatement when we look at the photos of the tantalizing fare that’s to come at Middletown’s Plant City X, which is a smaller, drive-thru version of Providence’s famed Plant City, the world’s first plant-based food hall. Set to open in January, Plant City X arrives in Newport County to focus your mouthwatering sensations away from your phone or computer screens and in real-life over plant-based versions of fast-food classics like burgers,  chik’n sandwiches, and fries as well as truffle mac and cheese, smoothies, salads and more.

“The menu for Plant City X will be much narrower than the four restaurant menus at our food hall location, Plant City,” Plant City owner, Kim Anderson, told The Beet via email. But just because the menu is abridged doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of standout hits like the chili cheese fries or truffle mac and cheese.

“I’m partial to the chik’n sandwich with coleslaw, chipotle mayo, champagne vinaigrette pickles over the most delicious fried seasoned tofu patty, with our brioche bun,” Anderson admits, though it’s pretty hard for her to pick a favorite.

“We are excited that we can continue to serve delicious, fast plant-based food, outdoors, during these very difficult times of Covid-19. We can now expand our food available in the Middletown, Newport and Southern Massachusetts area, which many have been asking us to do since we first opened in Providence,” Anderson shares. “And we are thrilled to [grow] our mission of sharing sustainable, compassionate food in compostable packaging,” she continues, noting that it’s “very cool” to be between a Taco Bell and Burger King with their fully vegan operation—we hope a promising sign of the changing food landscape. For the new outpost, Anderson plans on hiring 35-40 new team members. Little Rhody friends, be sure to sign up for updates on the opening here and save room for their much-loved frozen yogurt granola parfaits.

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