As anyone who has visited Oakland knows, they’ve got a darn good food scene. One key player in the city’s offerings? Malibu’s Burgers, a beloved vegan food truck founded by Darren Preston, Natasha Fernández-Pérez, and Wahid Brown, that serves up otherworldly vegan eats like the Patti Mayonnaise Melt (the upgraded Impossible 2.0 (patty, Follow Your Heart American cheese, caramelized onions, garlic mayo sauce, sourdough bread) and Hella Hella Fries (or tater tots) with caramelized onions “Mamma’s Spread,” and cheese.

After starting a GoFundMe campaign about a month ago, they’ve raised $79,048 and counting to open up their first brick-and-mortar location to serve their growing hordes of happy customers.

Hoping to become more than simply a restaurant, Malibu’s Burgers aspires to make a lasting impact in the Oakland community. “We plan to employ those who need it the most, pay competitively and become a positive force in the Oakland community. Moreover, Malibu’s Burgers is often contacted by local organizations to help feed youth and homeless, but our current set-up does not allow us to meet the demand that is often requested,” writes Preston on the GoFundMe page. “This would change working out of a permanent location. Once we have access to a bigger and stable kitchen, we will partner with local organizations to feed the less fortunate and youth in our communities. Our goal is making vegan alternatives accessible to all people. Veganism represents kindness, love and health. It should not be reserved for only those who can afford it.”

If you live in the Oakland area and are looking to support other amazing black-owned vegan eateries, consider checking out Souley Vegan, which specializes in Louisiana creole food and Vegan Mob, which cooks up vegan BBQ and Soul Food.

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