Oatly just announced that it's reinventing the milkman, partnering with delivery services including Postmates, DoorDash, Grubhub, and UberEats to bring oat milk directly to your door. The delivery expansion will allow consumers in New York City and Los Angeles to order all its products via online platforms, maximizing the accessibility of the highly popular plant-based dairy brand.

The vegan milk brand is partnering with REEF Kitchens to launch its vegan oat milk, ice creams, and other dairy alternatives on the delivery platforms. The delivery offerings include the 64-ounce oat milk in all flavors (Original, Low Fat, Full Fat, and Chocolate), the 32-ounce Barista edition oat milk, and its selection of vegan ice cream pints, featuring Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint Chip, and Coffee varieties.

“Oatly is a fan-favorite brand that delivers a diversity of plant-based alternative options, from frozen desserts to their delicious staple oat milk,” President of Kitchens and Retail of REEF Technology Kenneth Rourke said in a statement. “We believe our partnership will give diehards and new consumers alike a more convenient way to enjoy Oatly’s products.”

Following the release of its new ice cream bars, Oatly's online selection will also feature all of the brand’s dessert bars in Vanilla, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, and Strawberry flavors. The company intends to continue expanding its delivery services in NYC and LA but has yet to reveal plans to extend this service to other US cities. Oatly plans to provide one-hour delivery options available via its website to NYC and LA later this year.

“We’re incredibly excited about this launch and the ability to get Oatly products into the hands of our consumers in LA and NYC within mere moments,” President of Oatly North America Mike Messersmith said in a statement. “These cities have proved their love of oat milk, being early adopters of Oatly, and we’re thrilled that as we grow, we can expand access to our products where and how consumers want to shop for them, in an easy and convenient way.”

Oatly’s Stock Fluctuations

Last May, the plant-based milk company officially opened on the public stock exchange at $22.12 per share. Since then, Oatly has faced a significant decline in its stock value – valued at $4.21 on May 31. Now, the company’s Chief Executive Officer Toni Petersson revealed that a significant reason for its falling stock value is the company’s inability to meet consumer demand. Worldwide, the company is unable to keep grocery shelves stocked with its products.

“This is 100 percent on supply,” Petersson said during his May 25 presentation at the Cowen Future of the Consumer: Sustainable Growth for a New Ecosystem Conference. “The lack of supply has been a story for us for so many years because demand is absolutely massive. The truth is there is not one supplier in this country that could supply the demand for oat milk. The capacity doesn't exist.”

The delivery service was launched in response to this inability to mend supply chain issues. The company aims to provide its fans with its signature plant-based milk even if the product is not available in retail locations.

Rise of Vegan Food Delivery

In Grubhub’s third annual “State of the Plate” report published last year, the online delivery service platform revealed that vegan food deliveries increased by 17 percent between 2020 and 2021. The report highlights how interest in vegan foods is growing at an unprecedented rate and now more than ever, consumers want their groceries and meals delivered rather than picked up. And other brands have taken note.

Companies including Plantable, Splendid Spoon, and Freshly have launched fully direct-to-consumer vegan menus as consumers nationwide begin to demand delivery services. The delivery services aim to make healthy, sustainable eating more accessible to Americans than ever before, bypassing issues such as the supply chain issues that Oatly notes as its biggest deterrent.

This April, NYC's Eleven Madison Park recognized the demand for vegan delivery and debuted a weekly delivery box service. The Michelin-Star restaurant will deliver several chef-crafted dishes to customers with busy schedules.

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