Superstar Katy Perry's latest release isn't a new album, single, or an episode of American Idol on which she serves as a judge. Instead, this breaking news has to do with what's filling the singer's fridge and on her plate. Perry announced on Twitter that she is “95 percent ready to be 100 percent vegan” after a year-long process of cutting out animal products. The singer said she is doing it with her dog Nugget, a favorite sidekick on her IG posts. An investor in plant-based meat brand Impossible Foods, Perry told her 109 million Twitter followers of her intention to jettison meat and dairy from her diet, joining the ranks of other famous artists who champion a plant-based diet like Ariana Grande, Paul McCartney, Sia, and Billie Eilish.

During her pregnancy last year, Perry disclosed that she had become “grossed out” by red meat. She publicly thanked the Impossible Burger for being a great meatless alternative to fulfill any burger cravings, of which we can guess she had many since the star loves cheeseburgers so much that she even wore one as a costume to the 2019 Met Gala after-party. Impossible Foods also revealed that Perry belonged to a long list of the company's celebrity investors that also includes Jay-Z, Serena Williams, and Jaden Smith.

Katy Perry on Twitter
Katy Perry on Twitter

Perry’s fiance Orlando Bloom (who is baby-daddy of 8-month-old daughter Daisy, born last May), is reportedly vegetarian and been a constant source of encouragement for the singer-songwriter to adopt a plant-based diet, and it seems like this encouragement has helped to fuel Perry’s decision to plunge fully into a meatless diet. Perry is also discovering plant-based alternatives for her favorite foods and condiments, recently Instagramming a picture of Hidden Valley's new vegan ranch dressing, captioning it enthusiastically: "OMG PRAYERS ANSWERED." The star has also been giving fans a preview of her diet, posting pictures of bowls filled with leafy greens, tofu, veggie sushi, and mushrooms.

Perry and Bloom will not be the only two in their family moving to go vegan: Perry also said in the tweet that her dog, Nugget, has joined its owners on this plant-based path. The decision to include her dog sparked a heated discussion about this lifestyle choice, with some fans condemning the decision, whereas others encouraged people to research the possibilities of a plant-based dog diet. Regardless of your opinion about vegan diets for animals, we're rooting for Perry as she embarks on her own plant-based journey. To find out where you can grab one of the star's beloved Impossible Burgers, here's a breakdown of the 8,000 retailers that carry the meatless brand.

For more information about whether a plant-based diet is right for your dog, check out this article where a veterinarian weighs in on the topic.

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