Move over avocados, there's a new toast in town "everyone is talking about," and it's topped with ricotta cheese, according to the latest viral cooking trend on TikTok. The 'new' toast topping that's gone viral has Lizzo's seal of approval (among many others) after she told her 16.8 million TikTok followers:

"OK YALL CONVINCED ME 😆 RICOTTA TOAST IS THE NEW AVOCADO TOAST," in a video where she made the toast with a special ingredient, plant-based cheese.

How to Make the Ricotta Toast Trend Vegan

There are different variations of the toast and Lizzo is just one of the hundreds of thousands of TikTok users to smear the fluffy cheese spread on a crispy piece of toast (usually sourdough) and top it with arugula, sauteed cherry tomatoes in EVOO, honey for sweetness (substitute agave if you're vegan), and chili flakes for heat (optional). Everyone's recipe is different and the original calls for dairy cheese but ever since Lizzo went vegan she's shown the world which alternatives work the same way, if not better.

In her video, the pop singer uses a cashew and almond milk blend-based ricotta from Misha's Kind Food and describes the taste as "fireeeeee." There are other ingredients in the product such as locally sourced fresh herbs, veggies, and spices without vegetable oils, soy, fillers, starches, or nutritional yeast. If you are an ethical vegan, use agave for sweetness instead of honey.

Other users like @blewsfoods whip up ricotta toast with a maple tomato jam and @Mikel_Anthony makes his ricotta from scratch and tops it with raspberry jam and rosemary. Depending on your preferences, your toast recipe can be a sweet treat or a savory snack and if you make yours vegan, share it with us on Instagram.

Lizzo Went Plant-Based Over a Year Ago

Ever since Lizzo went plant-based, she's documented several recipe tutorials on her social media platforms, which in fact have put foods like carrots and cereal back on the map.

In a recent recipe video, Lizzo expressed her love for a Morrocan-influenced carrot dip she found on TikTok by recipe developer @lhabco and showed us spreading it on vegetable sambusas and wheat crackers, and how she turned the leftovers into a juice and 'hot dogs' for the ultimate "carrot feast."

Prior to that, Lizzo shared everything she eats in a day on her vegan diet which included 'nature's cereal,' the viral recipe that made the artificial sugar-filled breakfast a whole lot healthier. The bowl of fresh berries and pomegranates is enjoyed with coconut water and eaten with a spoon, just like you would with cereal, but for fewer calories. She also showed us how to make vegan nachos with walnut meat and Brussels sprouts, and her lunch of choice, Banza Chickpea Pasta Mac and Cheese with dino kale, spinach, and yams.

Lizzo is still making moves in the kitchen, and after her ricotta toast recipe, we expect to see her try out other viral recipes we love. To stay updated on the trends–and Lizzo of course– subscribe to our daily newsletter below for lifestyle and culture moments happening in the plant-based world. If you want to eat more plant-based and try new creative vegan recipes, sign up for our free Recipe of the Day newsletter.

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