Kelly Osbourne's impressive 85-pound weight loss left us eager to know her exact weight loss secrets, so we found out the secrets to how to she did it, including the foods, the workouts, and everything you need to know to enjoy your own weight loss success.

Back in 2019 Osbourne underwent a minimally invasive surgery called a "gastric" sleeve, which helps curb hunger and make it easier for her to maintain a healthy weight. But since then she has also changed her diet to become healthier and her motivation, she said, was to be her best self in order to get pregnant and become a mom, which she did in October 2022, having her first boy.

"I did the gastric sleeve. All it does is change the shape of your stomach,” Osbourne explained. “I got that almost two years ago. I will never, ever, ever lie about it ever. It is the best thing I have ever done."

She also shared that she stopped drinking a few years before, which she also said is "the best thing I've ever done."

Healthy Eating, Working Out and Being Accountable

"If you don’t work out and you don’t eat right, you gain weight," Osbourne told a reporter. "All [the surgery] does is move you in the right direction. So, anybody who’s thinking of doing something like this, really think about that,” Osbourne added.

"I had to do a year of stand-alone therapy to prepare myself for the surgery before I even had it. What people don’t realize is it cuts out this hormone that if you have addiction issues, it stops your craving, and it makes you not emotionally eat, and that was a huge problem for me."

After struggling with her weight for many years, Osbourne has finally found a lifestyle that works for her, and it includes plant-based eating and intermittent fasting. She wakes up every morning and drinks her coffee, followed by a green juice, which is also a great way to boost immunity as you lose weight.

Osbourne said she typically only juices until dinner time, then she'll have a healthy meal. Intermittent fasting is timing your intake, so you go without food for 14 to 16 hours, then eat healthy foods during the "on hours," so your body burns fat for fuel and the pounds drop off.

Make a commitment to yourself, to take care of yourself, then put that into action

Rather than abandon her health goals during the quarantine, Osbourne doubled down on her resolution to make 2020  "the year of me" as she told her Instagram followers back in December, and by summer she revealed the results of her hard work. In the first two weeks of quarantine, she revealed she had already lost seven pounds and had more energy than ever. "I went into actions rather than sitting here in fear," said Osbourne, referring to how she stayed motivated.

Osbourne has been eating a vegan diet since 2012 and continues to love it. “I used to think being a vegan was boring. Now I have more fun with food now than I ever have before," she captioned a post of hummus and cucumber on bread.

"For me, what it's all about is finding that healthy moderation, which is easier said than done ... When you sat there in front of a plate of french fries, there is no moderation." Osbourne continued. "So you have to realize if I'm going to eat this, I'm going to do an extra 15 minutes [of working out] ... just balance everything out."

The 35-year-old Australia's Got Talent judge and former Fashion Police judge is open about her past drug use, getting sober and using food to satisfy her cravings. Not anymore. Now she is hooked on feeling healthy, working out and eating foods that fuel her lean body. Here is a look at her workout routine that helped her burn off the fat faster.

What does a typical workout look like for Osbourne?

Lacy Stone, Osbourne's trainer, told Hollywood Life, that the best workouts for losing weight fast are high-intensity interval sessions, and doing circuits of moves that recruit different muscle groups like a series of squats, lunges, deadlifts, push-ups, dumbbell bicep curls, shoulder presses, and arm dips.

For maximum results, do three sets of 12 to 20 reps, twice or three times a week. For full-body toning and to strengthen and tighten your core, "girdle" section and reduce back pain while you tone and strengthen your arms and legs, the simplest move is the plank (hold it for 45 to 60 seconds, and do three sets) and bicycle kicks, lying on your back and cycling your legs in tight circles in the air, slightly off the floor.

For a series of the best 5-Minute Moves, check out The Beet's Easy Workouts here.

Combining cardio (like jogging or swimming at a steady pace for 20, 30, or 45 minutes) with strength training (the moves above use your body weight to get toned and strong) is the ideal weight loss plan, says Stone. She recommends doing cardio three days a week, at least.

For best results, mix up your workouts to not get injured and to tax different muscle groups: One day choose indoor cycling and strength training, the next a long slow run, the third, swim continuously even if you don't do the crawl, just keep moving in the water, for half an hour or longer.



Stone also encourages workouts like spin for those who want to lose weight but not their curves. “Spin is a great way to lose pounds, but strength training is an absolute must-have to keep your curves," Stone told Hollywood Life. Make sure not to overdo it with cardio, to maintain muscle definition, she adds, since you need strong muscles to stay active and uninjured.

Besides these daily workouts, Osbourne revealed she loves to get her heart rate up just by having fun, hula hooping using hoopnotica, which is a hoop dancing fitness class. Osbourne lost 70 pounds doing hoopnotica in 2013 when she appeared on the cover of SELF magazine. The story inside showed her dancing with her beloved hula hoops.

Kelly Osbourne for SELF magazine

Stone emphasized keeping your drive even when you don't see results right away is key to long-term healthy weight loss. Don't lose hope, just keep up your consistent habits or working out, moving more every day, and eating a healthy diet: “When you first start to work out for the first time, the body kind of goes in a state of shock for the first week. You may be in a calorie deficit, but your body will hold onto water and so it’ll look like you haven’t lost any weight. It’s super important not to let that discourage you. In fact, I’d toss the scale for the first week or two. If you have access to a body composition machine you’ll see that you’re actually losing fat.”

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