Happy World Vegan Day: Show Us Your Patty, Get The VegStart Diet For Free!

|Updated Nov 1, 2021

Happy World Vegan Day, a time to celebrate eating meat and dairy-free for the planet, our health, and the sake of animals. The Beet supports anyone who is trying to eat more plant-based, more of the time, whether that means going meatless on Mondays or fully adopting the plant-based lifestyle. Think about this: Even just by eating plant-based for one meal a day for a year, we can save enough CO2 emissions to equal driving from New York to LA. Every incremental step towards a plant-based diet is one in the right direction, for your heart health, the planet – and of course, we all love animals.

The Beet is here to help in your effort to be more plant-based any time! Check out our recipes and nutrition advice and show us how it's going.

Post a picture of your favorite veggie burger

In honor of World Vegan Day, on Monday, November 1, or World Vegan Month, the entire month of November, share a picture of your favorite veggie patty – it could be the one you had for lunch today or a throwback on your camera to a great restaurant meal, or even (as our health editor in England is doing) the new McPlant. In your caption, mention @thebeet and add the hashtag #NoMeatOnTheBeet and we'll DM you a one-time code to unlock The VegStart Diet for free so you can eat healthy and reach your goals.

The VegStart Diet is our most popular program yet: It's a 14-day meal plan created by registered dietitian Nicole Osinga, designed to help you lose weight, boost your immunity, and have more energy in just two weeks. The e-book usually costs $19.95, but when you sign up (for free with your code, which we'll send you after you post your plant-based patty) you'll get the entire guide in a 108-page e-book, and unlock the exclusive content of easy-to-make, delicious plant-based recipes, shopping lists, expert tips, and a link to the community Facebook group – where you can chat with others following the plan and members from The Beet team who will answer your questions. It's that easy!

Once you post we will send you the password to download the e-book here.

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What are you waiting for? Make your veggie burgers and show us what you masterpeice, like a bean burger, Impossible or Beyond burger, Gardein plant-based burger, or a special homemade mash-up that you made and pressed into a patty in your own kitchen. (Some of ours are full of beans, mushrooms, onions, quinoa, and beets for color, and they look a mess but taste amazing!)

Not interested in a vegan meal plan? We'll feature your patty picture on our Instagram anyway and tag your profile for a shoutout to you and your burger at the end of this plant-festive day.

But, before you start flipping vegan patties in the kitchen, take a look at our three favorite veggie burger recipes to recreate the masterpiece or get inspired to come up with your own creation.

Our favorite plant-based burgers

1. Homemade Vegan Lentil Burger by Annie Siegfried

Lentils may just be the healthiest veggie burger base, and they do a great job mimicking the texture of meat when formed into a patty. Just one cup of lentils contains 18 grams of plant-based protein, and this recipe calls for three cups. There are also 16 grams of fiber per cup of lentils and they're a good source of B vitamins, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc, which all help to boost immunity and energy.

2. Spicy Chickpea Burger by JD Raymundo

This burger is very easy to make and uses vital wheat gluten to give it a meaty texture. If you would like to make this chickpea burger gluten-free you can substitute the vital wheat gluten for oat flour or chickpea flour. In terms of assembling this burger, I kept it simple: Chickpea patty, lettuce, vegan cheese, and a simple spicy mayo. Feel free to customize your burger and add whatever toppings you want, perhaps some grilled onions, tomatoes, pickles, it’s all fair game!

Black beans are one of the healthiest bases you can use to make a veggie burger because they're high in fiber, helping you feel fuller longer and boosting healthy digestion. Just one cup of black beans has 15 grams of fiber, more than half of the daily recommended value of fiber for women which is 21-25 grams, and men should aim to have 38 grams of fiber daily, according to a Harvard Health review. In this recipe, the cheese sauce is also homemade and makes a difference in taste and quality versus using store-bought vegan cheese.

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Once you post we will send you the password to download the e-book here.