Fatburger is an all-American, classic burger joint that brings its customers the traditional burger and fries drive-thru experience. The burger chain originating from Los Angeles spans across the Western and Southwestern US, providing half the country with everything desired from a fast-food experience. It may come as a surprise, but Fatburger leads the fast food industry in many regards when it comes to catering to plant-based diners. For years, the restaurant company spent time developing options for vegetarians and plant-based eaters so that all American consumers could enjoy the tasty burger joint experience.

Over recent years, Fatburger released multiple plant-based patties including a Boca Burger and the Impossible Burger. Although the Boca Burger may contain dairy, Fatburger rolled out the fully plant-based Impossible Foods patty that can now be topped with dairy-free Daiya cheese.

One of the fast-food burger joint’s top qualities is its straightforward setup. With a streamlined menu, it makes for simplified ordering for all consumers, especially beneficial for plant-based customers. Customers can stop by any Fatburger in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington, Texas, Pennsylvania, and many other locations to grab a quick, classic burger, shake, and fries meal with no worries about its contents, making the national burger joint a top contender for meatless fast-food.

Take Note: Fatburgers burgers and sides are made on shared cooking equipment which may cause animal product ingredient crossover.

Impossible Burger 

Fatburger’s Impossible Burger is everything you can ask for and more: The classic burger is served with “The Works” which includes relish, mustard, onions, pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce. Make sure that you ask for no mayo to ensure that the juicy burger is 100 percent plant-based. The thick, plant-based burger patty brings everything that’s wanted from Fatburger, and now it can even be ordered with a slice of Daiya cheese that brings it all home with a timeless cheeseburger. The overwhelmingly delicious plant-based burger will have anyone coming back again, bringing customers a great burger without any animal products.

Skinny Burger

The counterpart to Fatburger’s Fatburger is its skinny burger option. The burger is marketed as a low-calorie option that sandwiches “The Works” between two thinner burger patties. It is completely plant-based when asked to switch the patties to Impossible Burgers, and by asking to remove the mayo from “The Works.” The plant-based skinny burger is for anyone who does not want to eat or can not eat the burger buns and serves as a delicious alternative to the traditional Fatburger lineup. Also, make sure that you order it with a slice of Daiya cheese or ask to remove cheese altogether.

Take note: Fatburger's skinnyburger is made on shared cooking equipment which may cause animal product ingredient crossover.

Dairy-Free Cheese

Something that truly sets Fatburger apart from its competitors is the dairy-free cheese. The burger chain partnered with Daiya cheese to develop the completely plant-based cheeseburger experience. So many other fast-food chains that feature either the Beyond or Impossible do not provide an option for a plant-based cheeseburger. The dairy-free cheese options propel Fatburger to the top of the list in this regard.

Vegan Shakes

Nothing beats the dairy-free shakes. Fatburger now offers four different shakes flavors that accompany the burger and fry meals perfectly. From the classic Vanilla shake to the more exciting Maui Banana shake, the company is working to provide customers with a full, classic LA burger joint experience within a plant-based diet. Fatburger’s shake selection makes this restaurant chain one of the few that offer vegan ice cream. The shakes come sourced from Hollywood-based Craig’s vegan ice cream, providing a delicious vegan base for the shakes. Instead of a soft drink, complete the Impossible Burger meal with one of the four shake options.

  • Craig’s Vegan Vanilla Shake
  • Craig’s Vegan Strawberry Shake
  • Craig’s Vegan Chocolate Shake
  • Craig’s Vegan Maui Banana Shake

Round Out the Meal With Fries

Fatburger champions itself with using animal-free frying oils for its fried sides, hoping that vegan customers will be more comfortable ordering a fried side item. The fast-food chain offers Fat Fries, Skinny Fries, and Sweet Potato Fries to complete the Fatburger meals. Any of the options make for the perfect final touch to the traditional LA burger meal. Currently, the company's onion rings contain dairy, but with Fatburger's rapidly changing menu, customers may see a plant-based-friendly onion ring in the near future.

Take note: Fatburger's sides are made on shared cooking equipment which may cause animal product ingredient crossover.

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