There are so many new plant-based products hitting grocery store shelves, including non-dairy cheeses, yogurts, pre-made meals, plant-based snacks, dairy-free creamers, and more, some healthy, some treats to indulge in sparingly. That's why each week, The editors of The Beet bring you our favorites, including what we're trying, loving, recommending, and buying again. These products are the latest, most innovative new food ideas to hit the market, and because they are both healthier for you and sustainable, we want to spread the word.

Here, the Editors of The Beet recommend our favorite vegan or plant-based products, to make it even easier (and tastier) to know what to buy to eat more a more exciting plant-based diet and love it. These five products make it easier to eat plant-based and enjoy every moment.

Check out the latest plant-based products to add to your grocery list or cart that can make your decision to go plant-based easier and more satisfying than ever.

Lucy's Favorite

1. AIRLY Oat Clouds. Climate-Friendly Snacking

I know, I know, how can something that comes in a box, with a plastic lining bag, that got trucked from the factory to me be remotely climate-friendly? Well, the folks at Airly are doing their best to change all that. They use oats grown on zero CO2 emission farms and are verified non-GMO, boxed in recycled packaging. By buying carbon credits to offset their footprint during the production process, they maintain that their box of crackers helps to remove 19g of CO2 from the air,  which is the equivalent of 2,700 beach balls, of fresh air that will remain that way.

But what do they taste like? Actually quite satisfying. All four flavors had me digging into the box for more. The chocolate ones are like kids'  crackers, meaning extremely fun to pop in your mouth (over and over again, unfortunately) and the sea salt flavor has a mildly sweet undertone to match the sale flavor which means that you want to eat them day or night.

For my consumer dollars, I wish more makers of packaged food would tell us the cost of what we're buying, and I don't mean the price tag but the global impact that their products have. When you buy Airly and serve it to your kids, inform and educate them about what it means to choose some foods and not others, and that our planet needs them, and all of us, to make smart choices and eat more plant-based and less meat in order to lower our carbon footprint. Airly, thanks for making this an open dialogue at the table and keeping it delicious too.

Stephanie's Favorite

1. Jot Ultra Coffee

One tiny black bottle is revolutionizing at-home iced coffee. Jot is 'ultra coffee,' a super-concentrated base of just 6.8 ounces which holds 14 servings of incredibly rich iced coffee made by simply adding one tablespoon of the concentrate, ice, and water or plant-based milk of your choice together.

Making iced coffee in your own kitchen usually results in a cup of runny, watery joe, but Jot's Ultra Coffee is anything but: Smooth, bold, and delicious, you will not believe that it takes just a few seconds to pour and then your brew is ready. This product will make you want to throw out the cold brew pitcher in your fridge or ditch your $5 neighborhood coffee shop run because Jot's offerings are just as delicious and far more cost-effective than your current coffee habit. Just one tiny bottle packs enough for two weeks of iced coffees.

You can purchase Jot's Ultra Coffee on the brand's website

Hailey's Favorite


1. Flax Tortillas by Food For Life

Everything tastes best in a tortilla: salad, tacos, and quesadillas, crunch wraps, and when I was introduced to Flax Tortillas from Food For Life, these meals got a lot better. This wrap is hands down my favorite way to eat all the foods I love with its unique nutty taste and soft texture. The tortilla has the perfect ratio of thin and thick texture so you know it won’t rip or tear when you’re rolling your sandwich. It also adjusts incredibly well if you want to make Taco Bell’s popular crunch supreme wrap at home because the edges get nice and crispy and the wrap is large enough to add more of your favorite toppings.

Not to mention, these wraps are much healthier than the traditional kind and made with freshly sprouted grains like wheat, barley, lentils, beans, millet, and spelt. Each tortilla has 150 calories, 7 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fiber, one of the healthiest ways to enjoy carbs. I recommend this product if you want to get the most nutrients from your tortilla wraps and enjoy its delicious flavors.

To purchase these flax tortillas, visit their website.

Caitlin's Favorite

1. Mush Blueberry Overnight Oats

As much as I love overnight oats, I can never get myself to actually prep them the night before. Luckily, brands like Mush make it easy to start the morning with healthy and nutritious vegan overnight oats without the hassle of making it yourself. I love to keep my fridge stocked with products like Mush that make eating healthy uncomplicated and delicious. Mush is packed with flavor and is the creamiest overnight oats I have ever tried. After starting my morning with Mush, I always feel so full and satisfied until lunch rolls around.

Many pre-packaged oats are either bland or are packed with unhealthy ingredients but that isn't the case for Mush. Mush's Blueberry Overnight Oats are made with six simple and real ingredients including oats, coconut, H2O, Blueberries, apples, and sea salt. In every serving (1 container) is six grams of protein, four grams of fiber and the best part is there is no added sugar. Along with blueberry, Mush also has five other flavors including Apple Cinnamon, Coffee Coconut, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla Bean.

You can buy Mush Overnight Oats online here.

Max's Favorite

1. Hot N' Saucy Beet n' Fresno Hot Sauce

Hot N' Saucy brings a new and innovative twist to the table. Each of the company's sauces combines a fresh vegetable with a different pepper to create some of the most delicious hot sauces on the market. My personal favorite combination from the company is its Beet and Fresno pepper recipe. The company ranks this sauce with moderate spice, and it is the perfect mixture of sweetness and heat. The hot sauce is accented perfectly by the flavor of the beet as well, giving it a very solid and earthy foundation.

This hot sauce is the ideal hot sauce for tofu, cauliflower, or plant-based protein tacos. The medium spice pairs with any savory salsa as well. I personally like to use it on beans and rice or give some spice to a vegan B.L.T. The pure, straightforward can bring together several dishes, and I would suggest keeping this sauce as a staple in the pantry.

You can purchase this hot sauce on Hot N' Saucy's website

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