DJ Khaled is opening a dispensary in Miami on 4/20, but it might not be selling the kind of product you would think. Collaborating with LIVEKINDLY’s LikeMeat, DJ Khaled – who claims to be mostly vegan –  is opening vegan chicken wing dispensary pop-ups at a Miami cannabis chain on the marijuana-centric holiday. The producer’s company, Another Wing, will feature LikeMeat plant-based wings for the companies’ first ghost kitchen collaboration. LikeWings will be available through Khaled’s Another Wing storefront via all major delivery services.

"This LikeWings collaboration is an incredible opportunity for people who don’t eat meat to enjoy the incredible flavors of Another Wing,” DJ Khaled said.  This collab combines the flavors of Another Wing with the plant power of LikeMea. Let’s win more with LikeWings”

To celebrate the partnership, Another Wing will co-host the pop-up named Another Wing Dispensary. Partnering with Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood on April 20, wing-lovers will get the chance to try the cross-over vegan wing concept. The kitchen will allow customers to order the vegan LikeWings coated in any of Another Wing’s signature sauces including You Loyal! Lemon Pepper, Honey! Honey! Hot Honey Sriracha and They Don’t Want You To Win Truffalo.

Customers that cannot try new plant-based wings at the LikeMeat and Another Wing pop-up will be able to order these mouthwatering options directly to their doorstep. Currently, Another Wing delivers through DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats, and Postmates. Launching 150 locations in November 2021, Khaled’s Another Wing will help to expand LikeMeat’s foodservice distribution.

“We’re flying high with this new partnership and are beyond excited for Another Wings’ fans to try these awesome LikeWings the next time the munchies strike,” Head of Foodservice for LikeMeat Michelle Collette said. “This is LikeMeat’s first flight into the ghost kitchen world, and we’re in it to wing it.”

LikeMeat Vegan Wings Available Nationwide

LikeMeat is gaining a reputation for making an entrance. Before celebrating 4/20 with DJ Khaled, LikeMeat revealed its new plant-based wings for the Super Bowl. The plant-based brand rolled out its vegan chicken wings at 3,600 Walmarts nationwide, and since then, has continued to expand across the US retail sector. Partnering with the major retail chain, LikeMeat revealed that the company is “in it to wing it.���

In recent years, the plant-based chicken market has become increasingly competitive. Overall, the vegan meat market is currently expected to reach $24.8 billion by 2030, growing at an impressive 19.3 percent CAGR. But most notably, the vegan chicken sector leads the market, amounting to 34.1 percent of the 2021 valuation of approximately $5 billion.

Rise of the Vegan Ghost Kitchens

Even though DJ Khaled’s Another Wing is not fully vegan, the inclusion of LikeMeat places the concept among a growing list of vegan ghost kitchens nationwide. Most recently, Skinny Butcher just launched a vegan chicken sandwich concept across the US, opening 650 locations this March. The Crazy Crispy Chick’n ghost kitchen is bringing sustainable foods right to customers’ doorsteps, partnering with Golden West and Wow Bao.

Before Skinny Butcher, Impossible Foods also launched The Impossible Shop in partnership with restaurant chain Dog Haus. The company now operates 39 ghost kitchens in Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Wyoming, California, New York, and Maryland with plans for further expansion. These ghost kitchens – or virtual kitchens – allow plant-based companies to enter the foodservice sector quicker, making plant-based food more accessible to customers faster than ever before.

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