Getting ready for the Super Bowl? Well, us too, but more importantly, we’re planning our Super Bowl Sunday feast. America’s traditional football feast is not typically vegan-friendly, filled with nachos, dairy-based dips, and the centerpiece: chicken wings. For meat-eaters, chicken wings can be a tough food item to replace, so we tried the newest vegan buffalo wings to hit the market to see how they fared against plant-based competitors and conventional chicken wings.

LikeMeat – the new plant-based brand from the LIVEKINDLY Collective – just debuted its brand new Like Chick’n Wings complete with a signature, tangy vegan buffalo sauce. With plant-based chicken becoming all the rage among vegan consumers, we thought we’d find out if the Like Chick’n Wings stacked up to the real thing. Read on for our review of the new vegan wings, and see why you definitely want to buy some before the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams face-off next Sunday.


The Like Chick’n Wings delivered the “wow-factor” with how easily and well they cooked. The vegan wings can either be prepared in the oven or an air fryer (we would suggest an air fryer if you have one) with nearly no effort. The soy-based wings crisp up on the outside, providing the classic crunchy exterior to a conventional wing without overcooking or drying out the inside. The inside remains soft and hot, giving it a texture that resembles a wing rather than a nugget. This is the key difference, appealing to wing-lovers who want to or have already dropped meat from their diet.

The plant-based wings alone don't have a strong flavor – in a good way. LikeMeat ensures that anybody can flavor the plant-based wings to their desire. The company provides a delicious, mild buffalo sauce to coat your wings with, but the plant-based wings work with all other sauces and dressings, and you can easily mix things up and try a vegan lemon pepper or Korean BBQ wing. The wings can match any palette and adopt any wing sauce.


The plant-based chicken wings boast a 100 percent non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan recipe that primarily sources soy and pea-derived proteins. The Like Chick’n Wings also contains rice flour, sunflower oil, corn starch, and other natural ingredients to perfect its meat-like texture. Most impressively, the plant-based chicken wings contain 11 grams of protein and 6 grams of dietary fiber per 3 pieces.

The final verdict

You will have difficulty finding a plant-based chicken product that provides a meat-like texture, crispy fry, and sauce adaptability like Like Chick’n Wings. Recent estimates suggest that approximately 42 percent of Americans consider themselves flexitarian, meaning that they want to incorporate more plant-based options into their diets. The Like Chick’n Meat is the ideal jumping-off point. For flexitarians and football enthusiasts everywhere, it excels across all needed categories for the perfect vegan wing.

LikeMeat recently revealed that it hopes to sell approximately 10 million vegan chicken wings over the Super Bowl Weekend, carving a significant chunk out of regular wing purchases. Americans last year consumed 1.4 billion wings. With plant-based chicken’s greenhouse gas emissions 43 percent lower than conventional chicken, Like Chick’n Wings is the sustainable and drool-worthy option.

Where can I buy LikeMeat?

Before this week, LikeMeat’s vegan wings were hard to come by, but this week, Like Chick’n Wings will be available at 3,600 Walmarts nationwide. The plant-based wings will be available to purchase before Super Bowl Sunday at Target, Sam’s Club, Sprouts, and a selection of other retailers. Keep your eyes peeled, because we approved of this up-and-coming vegan wing.

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