Bel Brands’ Boursin brand just released its first dairy-free cheese spread after teasing a retail debut last year. The new product is a dairy-less twist on an old classic: Garlic & Herbs Dairy-Free Cheese Spread Alternative which comes with the help of vegan company Follow Your Heart, bringing everything that customers love about the brand’s spreadable cheeses to a plant-based option. Bel Brands claims that the creamy vegan cheese product mirrors the original product perfectly, encouraging people to try the dairy-free product for themselves.

“As the demand for dairy-free alternatives continues to rise, we are proud to be one of the first traditional cheese brands creating plant-based alternatives of our much-loved products,” Brand Director for Boursin Matt Barlow said. “Now more than ever plant-based food is booming and we’re so excited to share this new innovation, making it easier for consumers with a wide range of dietary considerations to enjoy Boursin in a dairy-free version.”

Here's Where to Buy New Dairy-Free Boursin

The vegan cheese spread rolled out on Amazon Fresh in October of 2020, and this April the company launched the product in several retailers nationwide. Consumers will be able to purchase the new product at Albertson’s Acme & East, Certco, Hannahord, HEB, Hyvee, Kroger, Sprouts, and numerous other chains. The company decided to shift its products towards a plant-based model after recognizing the changing consumer palettes. In a press release, Bel Brands developed the new dairy-free spread to “meet flexitarian food trends and evolving consumer demands.”

Without the expertise of vegan pioneer Follow Your Heart, Bel Brands managed to create its first plant-based cheese spread. Follow Your Heart spearheaded the development of plant-based mayonnaise and other dairy-free products. From cheeses to sour cream, the vegan company has become best known for creating plant-based products that mirror conventional dairy products.

Bel Brands launched the new vegan cheese spread on the heels of the company's recently debuted vegan cheese brand called Nurishh. The Nurrish range features sliced cheeses in cheddar, mozzarella, and provolone, and shredded cheeses in cheddar, mozzarella, and a cheddar mozzarella blend.

“This move solidifies Bel’s mission to expand beyond dairy to diversify within the healthy snacking market and meet consumers’ needs,” Bel Brands USA tweeted.

Beyond Nurishh and Boursin, Bel Brands plans to unveil a vegan Mini Babybel cheese sometime this year. Although the company has yet to release a set date, the vegan version of the fan-favorite cheese snack is expected to stock the shelves. Before the new dairy-free Babybel arrives, the Boursin Dairy-Free Cheese Spread Alternative Garlic & Herbs can be found at several locations for $6.99, providing grocery store shelves another vegan cheese for all shoppers to enjoy.


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