Boursin and Babybel Launch Vegan Versions of Their Popular Cheeses

|Updated Oct 16, 2020

This holiday season, don't miss out on Boursin's cheese spread with the brand's new dairy-free, plant-based version of its most popular flavor, Garlic and Herb. Alongside Boursin, snack-favorite Babybel is working on a dairy-free version of its mini cheese wheels.

Boursin's plant-based cheese spread will be available on Amazon Fresh at the end of October and in-stores starting next year.  In order to nail the taste and texture to mimic the original product, Boursin consulted one of the best dairy alternative brands, Follow Your Heart. The dairy-free spread is made from organic coconut oil and organic expeller-pressed canola oil and will be sold in a 6-ounce package for $6.99 just in time for the holidays.

“We take great pride in the fact that Boursin and the Bel Group have trusted our knowledge and expertise in this realm and that we have been able to support the launch of such an amazing and delicious product...We’re truly delighted to see this savory treat now available to dairy-free consumers and those thinking of taking their own leap into dairy-free,”' Bob Goldberg, Follow Your Heart Founder and CEO told VegNews.

Babybel is joining Boursin in expanding into the dairy-free world and is currently working on a plant-based version of the mini cheese wheels, set to launch next year.

Bel Group is expanding into the plant-based industry. 

Bel Group, which owns both Boursin and Babybel, is planning on releasing more dairy-free cheeses with their other brands The Laughing Cow, Kiri, and Leerdammer. This comes as part of the French multinational cheese marketer's mission to make healthier and more eco-friendly products that are easily accessible. This past spring, Bel Group acquired plant-based cheese producer, All in Foods, proving the company's dedication to expanding into the plant-based world.

“The Group’s ambition is to provide a plant-based offer for each one of its core brands. As of January 2021, Bel will launch “The Laughing Cow Blends” in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany, countries where The Laughing Cow is mainly consumed by adults and where there is strong potential among flexitarians. Three references with cheese, vegetables and spices will be offered,” Bel Group said in a statement.

Bel Group continues to make products more eco-friendly by working on packaging, which they have pledged will be 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable by 2025. The company's packaging is already 84% biodegradable or recyclable, bringing them close to their goal.

The plant-based cheese market grew 18% over the past year and is currently worth $189 million. By 2030, the industry is anticipated to grow by over 300%. As big-name brands like Boursin and Babybel expand into the plant-based market, the value of the market will climb and more dairy-free options will be available for the growing demand of consumers who are increasingly reducing their dairy consumption and opting for more plant-based products.