Upscale plant-based eatery Crossroads Kitchen is getting ready to open a new location. The latest locale is in Calabasas, Calif., a wealthy enclave of LA’s San Fernando Valley, which also happens to be home to mega-celebrities like the Kardashians.

Plant-loving duo Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have been known to frequent the original Crossroads Kitchen on Melrose Ave. (in West Hollywood) — and there’s no doubt you’ll catch them dining at the new Calabasas locale when it opens this Fall. Kourtney posted an Instagram story moments after the news broke that Crossroads Kitchen would be coming to her hometown.

There’s a reason why the celeb hotspot continues to expand: Since 2013, Chef Tal Ronnen has built the Crossroads Kitchen brand to showcase plants in their finest culinary element, serving a thoughtful menu of Mediterranean and reinvented American fare. Crossroads Kitchen, at the helm of Ronnen, has always been ahead of its time and was the first all-vegan restaurant in LA with a full bar and cocktail program.

Almost 10 years since its original LA location launched in 2013 — thanks in part to investment support from Travis Barker—the Calabasas location follows the soon-to-open Crossroads Kitchen at Resorts World Las Vegas, which is said to start welcoming guests in Spring 2022.

The forward-coming Crossroads Kitchen in Calabasas will have the same sophistication and upscale vibe as the original in West Hollywood, Chef Tal Ronnen revealed to Eater LA in an interview. He explained that the Calabasas restaurant will replicate “much of what has made the vegan Crossroads so successful in West Hollywood, meaning a mix of simpler fare like salads and pizza to more thoughtful turns like housemade fettuccine with black truffles, pumpkin seed tofu marsala, and artichoke ‘oyster’ starters.”

Ronnen says that there will be some differences: Calabasas’ Crossroads Kitchen will offer more outdoor seating and a slightly more upscale lunch menu than the West Hollywood Crossroads, which has a more fast-casual dining experience during the day. Ronnen said that for years, he has been hearing from the Calabasas residents that a Crossroads would do extremely well there. (Maybe Kourtney and Travis have been in his ear?)

As Ronnen and his team get ready to launch the Calabasas Crossroads Kitchen this Fall, you can be sure there will be a long list of vegan-food-loving celebs ready to dine when its doors open.

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