Order up! California Pizza Kitchen’s famous BBQ Chicken Pizza just got a makeover: Vegetarians and flexitarians alike can now swap the BBQ chicken for a meat-free alternative. CPK’S new twist on an old favorite, “Don’t Call Me Chicken,” uses a plant-based imitation chicken made from wheat and soy but still includes their signature pizza’s BBQ sauce, smoked Gouda, red onions, and fresh cilantro. It’s the same BBQ flavor, without the meat.

California Pizza Kitchen's BBQ Pizza Just Went Meatless

California Pizza Kitchen has a history of designing alternative pizza options for customers with dietary restrictions. CPK began to offer a gluten-free crust in 2013, making them the first national restaurant to do so. In 2018, they even introduced a cauliflower crust option for their gluten-free and carb-conscious customers.

Brain Sullivan, CPK’S executive head chef and senior-VP of Culinary Innovation, explains what motivated the decision to add a new twist to the restaurant’s most famous pizza: “We’re thrilled to introduce this new option for guests who are flexitarian, looking to cut down on meat or just want to try a fresh twist on our classic pizza. Our BBQ Chicken Pizza has been the cornerstone of our California-style menu since our first restaurant opened 35 years ago, and now we’re proud to bring the pizza that put us on the map to an even broader consumer subset.”

Customers can order the new menu item for delivery or takeout from 155 of the restaurant’s locations and can be enjoyed for your next pizza night in. Although the new pizza uses no meat, it includes dairy and gluten, so people eating a gluten-free or vegan diet will have to pass on the pie. Don’t worry, though; we’ve got you covered. Try our vegan BBQ chickpea pizza recipe for the same CPK BBQ taste, and if you’re really looking for a low-effort option, take a peek at this list of our favorite vegan frozen pizzas. No matter your dietary preference, there’s a pizza that everyone can enjoy.

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