For the Healthiest Plant-Based Pizza: Use Cauliflower Crust

|Updated Dec 13, 2022

I love pizza. But now that I have the cheese thing is under control and generally use either a plant-based cashew-milk shredded variety when I make it at home, it's time for the next upgrade: Cauliflower crust.

Meanwhile a weird thing happened when I go out to dinner with friends and everyone wants pizza. I order half without the cheese. Something interesting happened on the way to being plant-based: I can now order my pizza without cheese and generally be a happy camper. Turns out the taste of the crust and tomato is enough to make my brain fill in the signal "pizza being eaten! happy taste buds" Or maybe it's the other way around. but the problem now is that I am eating way too many carbs and wanted to try out this cauliflower crust.

So despite the crazy price of $47 for two crusts, I think it's worth it and cheaper than a Soul Cycle class, so I ordered it. Now you can do it too, and send us your favorites so we can create the Beet Meter recommendations from what you liked!

Cali-Flour Crust Cali-Flour Crust