If Bella Hadid wants your sold out vegan chicken nuggets you find a way to get them to her. Vegan chicken brand NUGGS, hand-delivered its soldout Spicy NUGGS (talk about customer service) to Bella Hadid after she revealed her obsession with them.

Hadid stumbled upon NUGGS, a New York-based vegan chicken brand, on Instagram months ago and decided to give it a try. Now, she is hooked on the brand and when she found out she couldn't get her hands on the new flavor, Spicy NUGGS, Hadid was disappointed, to say the least.

NUGGS dropped a limited 1,000 boxes of its spicy flavor and sold out in 16 minutes. On the Instagram post, Nuggs announced the sellout, Hadid commented, "A devastating blow." Nuggs quickly responded back, "Bella I'm so sorry they went so fast"

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Moments later, Hadid posted a story featuring a DM between her and NUGGS, where the brand messaged her, "Ok so you're actually 0.2 miles from our office so you'll have your Spicy Nuggs in like 30 min." The ecstatic model wrote on the story, "Guys this isn't an ad or anything. I found Nuggs on Instagram a while ago and I'm f***ing addicted."

NUGGS kept its promise and Hadid shared a story of her dipping the Spicy NUGGS in ketchup and mayo (no, not vegan), captioned, Can’t handle. Freaking out. Pls let me be your official taste tester.” NUGGS is open to this idea, reposting her story saying, “Now the official taste tester of NUGGS.”


The vegan chicken nugget brand, which refers to itself as the "Tesla of Chicken," has taken off after debuting just two years ago in 2018. Nuggs are made out of soy protein and have 13 grams of protein per serving (5 NUGGS). The brand is beloved by many stars including Alexis Ohanian, Steve Aoki, Blackbear, Anderson Paak, Mark Zuckerberg, and Patrick Schwarzenegger.

NUGGS 2.0 released this June, and the formula updates included: "Enables a close to indistinguishable chicken-like substrate (utilizing soy and wheat proteins), Enables a close to the indistinguishable chicken flavor and Enables increased fiber, Disables the use of Konjac, Dehydrated Seaweed, Pea Protein, and Vital Wheat Gluten," according to its site.

It seems Australian entrepreneur and 20-year-old founder Ben Pasternak is really onto something with NUGGS. He has crafted a vegan chicken nugget that is loved by vegans and nonvegans alike. The brand itself has witty social media channels and website that both resonate with consumers. Go to its website and you will see "updates" like you would on an app store showing how NUGGS is constantly improving. These celebrities, including Hadid, are great examples that you don't have to be vegan to incorporate more plant-based options into your diet, even if it's "chicken" nuggets.

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