Arnold Schwarzenegger and His Donkey Lulu Enjoy Quality Time at the Gym

|Updated Jun 12, 2020
Instagram / @schwarzenegger

Strange, sad times call for cute, cuddly animals. And maybe a laugh from the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. That’s why our day was instantly brightened when we came across the below Tweet from Austrian Oak, showcasing the celebrated bodybuilder pumping iron alongside his pet donkey, Lulu.

After entering what is presumably Schwarzenegger’s home gym, Lulu’s human companion kicks off his workout with donkey raises (of course), before proceeding with his circuit workout. Watch the adorable clip below.

In 2018, Schwarzenegger was an executive producer on the Netflix documentary The Game Changers, in which he touted the virtues of strong men fueling themselves on a plant-based diet. “This is great, great marketing by the meat industry. Selling that idea that real men eat meat! But you’ve got to understand that that is marketing. That's not based on reality.”

We’re glad to see that Schwarzenegger has swapped chicken and eggs for vegan eats and lifted Herculean-sized weights for guiding his beloved Lulu and miniature horse, Whiskey, around the grounds of his California home. Love these sweet animals? Show your support for Schwarzenegger’s nonprofit After-School All-Stars in this time of crisis with a $25.99 t-shirt starring the cute animals and their owner.

Perhaps it’s time Schwarzenegger updates his nickname from “The Governator” to “The Govern-neigh-tor.”