Fantasia Taylor is serious about self-commitment and improvement—to the point where, a couple of years ago, she married herself, saying, “I married myself because I felt like before true love comes, I needed to learn how to love myself again.” And now she is sharing how she loves herself enough for two, as she and husband Kendall are expecting their first child together! It is Fantasia's third child, but the first she has carried while eating a vegan diet.

It's Almost Been a Year Since Fantasia Taylor Ditched Meat and Dairy

A little less than a year ago, Taylor shared with her 4.2 million Instagram followers her major diet change, announcing in a story, “Taylor’s Gone Vegan.” For Taylor, eating more plant-based is about prioritizing herself and her health. In the past, she has been open about discussing her health and weight issues. She told Tamron Hall that it has been a three-year journey to get pregnant this time, and it required IVF treatments since one of her tubes was closed. (Taylor has in the past opened up about overdosing on aspirin and sleep aids). Being vegan is an important step for Taylor in her journey of self-love, and she and Kendall have spoken about how their faith led them to this joyful point of expecting a child together.

Fantasia accompanied her announcement about going vegan with a video of herself and  Kendall making a delicious vegan dish consisting of stuffed zucchini, captioning the post “Healthy Living – IT’S TIME!!!” A few posts later, she shared with her followers an array of vegetables, cooking supplies, and vegan ingredients.

Fantasia Taylor is Making Delicious Vegan Pregnancy Treats

Taylor revealed that she and Kendall are getting ready to welcome a baby girl. Eating for two hasn’t shaken Taylor’s commitment to her plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle. Instead, she’s finding new ways to enjoy being vegan during her pregnancy. In a recent post on Instagram, she shared that even pregnancy cravings can be satiated with vegan treats. Mornings meals for Taylor look warm and delicious and feature a steaming cup of hot chocolate, marshmallows, almond whipped cream, all topped with a drizzle of chocolate and caramel syrup.

Doctors from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics fully endorse vegan pregnancies; they note, it’s just important to give some extra attention to your protein intake to ensure you’re getting everything you and the baby need.

Fantasia Taylor Shares More Vegan Recipes

Taylor’s morning vegan hot chocolate is just the start of a number of other satisfying and flavorful meals she’s been cooking up in the kitchen with her friends and husband. Late last year, she shared a healthy taco bowl dinner that her husband helped whip up, captioning the post “#husbandswhocook.” Even Thanksgiving at the Taylor household was plant-based. With some help from Chef Joya, who calls herself the “Queen of Transitioning Meat Eaters,” Taylor cooked up a soulful spread that included a spicy dish of peppers, cornbread, bean salad, and sautéed swiss chard. Taylor, who is also committed to tradition and family, shows the ease and simplicity of making traditions plant-based.

Taylor Incorporates Fitness into Her Self-Care Routine

Taylor’s commitment to her health doesn’t stop at her diet. She’s also making time for herself at the gym. In another recent post, she went live with Jaz Jackson, the founder of @jsculptfitness, where she talked about her health, diet, and love of Jackson’s line of waist trainers. In a video from September 2019, Taylor expresses her interest not just in her aesthetic appearance, but her entire wellbeing, stating “For me, it was having to go to the doctor with my grandmother and my young cousins that are my age and have high blood pressure…[my body] is my temple, I have to protect it––I want to look good, but I also want to be healthy.” Along with the help of a trainer (and her vegan diet), Taylor stays in shape by doing high-intensity cardio sessions, body weight, and heavyweight training.

Fantasia Taylor has been in the spotlight for a long time, first rising to fame after winning American Idol season three. Since then, she’s continued to awe fans with her myriad talents, from her Broadway debut to chart-topping albums, to starring in a Lifetime Television film based on her autobiography. Taylor is just at the beginning of her plant-based journey, and we’re here to follow every step.

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