Adele nearly broke the internet earlier this month when she revealed her jaw-dropping transformation photo to her fans on the occasion of her 32nd birthday. What was so remarkable was not only that the Grammy Award-winning singer had lost 100 pounds, but also that she emerged as a toned, sleek and strong looking body, with the legs of a Pilates instructor.  We all collectively wondered: How did she do that?

The Beet published the exact diet called the sirtfood diet, that Adele reportedly followed to shed the 100 pounds since last year, including three green juices a day and a diet that included plenty of healthy plant-based foods like kale, Brussel sprouts, and matcha. The good news is that the sirtfood diet also allows antioxidant-rich treats like dark chocolate and red wine. For the exact diet to follow, and how to do it, click on The Beet's story here.

Now The Beet has the goods on how Adele got that toned body, including a video that shows the star pushing it to the limit on a Pilates Reformer. Losing weight is one thing, but showing off lean, toned muscles and a strong body takes some hard work, and some sweat. In an October post on IG, Adele said, "I used to cry but now I sweat." It worked for her and it will work for you too. The Beet has the secrets to Adele's success, from her former personal trainer and her Pilates instructor. Here is exactly what you need to know to tone up now. The best news? You can get it done at home.

The Most Important Thing is to Have Motivation and Do It For Yourself.

"Getting skinny was never the goal", says Pete Geracimo, Adele's former personal trainer who moved from London to Ontario. Geracimo revealed to Access Hollywood that Adele's body transformation was not for attention, press purposes, or album sales, it was simply for herself.

"This metamorphosis is not for album sales, publicity or to be a role model. She is doing it for herself and her son Angelo," he explained. He added weight loss can be "massively empowering: and "a truly personal thing."

Geracimo says that it is always so rewarding when he "sees his clients blossom during their fitness journeys," according to US Magazine, and he is always their biggest cheerleader." He also explained that the best motivation is one that comes from within and that Adele was facing hardships after her divorce, and she wanted to be healthier for herself and for her seven-year son, Angelo. Geracimo says the singer was committed to her fitness and is "sweating" to achieve her personal health goals, which makes us curious as to what kinds of moves she has been using to get there.

Here is Exactly How Adele Trains and You Don't Have Live in the Gym for Results.

Pilates appears to be Adele's go-to workout of choice. Her pilates instructor, Camila Goodis appeared on a video on Access Hollywood congratulating Adele for achieving her health goals. What was most shocking was that Goodis says for a moment she didn't recognize Adele after the initial weight loss, when the star walked into the studio for class one day. (Adele joins a small group workout, which many people find more effective than one-on-one training.)

In the short video clip, Adele is shown on the pilates reformer exercising and working hard. If you don't want to watch the entire clip you can fast forward to 2 minutes and 9 seconds to see the star putting in her reps. Pilates is a great toner for abs, legs, abs, and all-around strengthening, and this type of low-impact exercise is effective for toning up as you lose weight. Adele and others use Pilates t build lean muscle, improve posture by target core strength-- all of which lets you wear your clothes better, perfect as shorts season is upon us. Adele seems to be a big fan of Pilates but from what the media can see, at least, she only needs to hit the studio a few times a week to get these impressive results.

Camila Goodis even admits, “I don’t think she is a huge fan of exercise like Robbie [Williams] and Ayda [Field, his wife who are Adele's workout friends], who exercise five or six days a week," according to The Sun, Ayda is credited as the one who brought Adele to Pilates in the first place. She introduced the star to the workout after her divorce to help her feel better, The Sun story reports.


"One day I was at their house [meaning the Williams'] in Los Angeles and Ayda asked me if I would train one of her best friends who was visiting," Goodis told The Sun. "So the exercise had to be very gentle. Pilates was perfect for her. She said she had done Pilates before in London, and she was very appreciative. The funny thing was I hadn't caught her name and I didn't recognize her at the time. She wasn't wearing makeup or her eyelashes and was wearing sweatpants and a loose top. After she left I mentioned to Ayda that she looked a little bit like Adele  and Ayda  gave me this look ... and thought it was  hilarious." When Adele returned to LA she did more sessions and the weight started dropping off.

Adele Also Hit the Weights With Her Personal Trainer

Adele's physical exercise program also incorporates weight training with dumbells, as you can see from Geracimo's post, which helps to stimulate muscle growth, increase metabolism, and burn even more calories while at rest. Perhaps what is most shocking to cardio devotées is that there is no evidence that Adele is doing much in the way of cardio. But strength training helps burn fat even after you stop working out, according to exercise research.

"Metabolism may stay elevated for longer after weights than cardio," according to several weight-loss studies published by Healthline. The research suggests that "weight lifting is better for building muscle." Another thing that we can learn from Adele is you don't need massively heavyweights to feel the burn, as the photo below posted by Geracimo indicates. As long as you work muscles to exhaustion you can get toned with small handheld dumbells.  This is great to keep in mind now that everyone is working out at home and may not have access to weight training machines.

Pete Geracimo is now hosting free Instagram Live classes so you can literally workout like Adele for free! Sign up at his Instagram account. And get your set of hand weights delivered today. We love this set because it has different sizes and you can work up to the heavier ones.

We Are In Awe of Adele but the Star Took Some Heat After Her Body Transformation

In a press release, Pete Germacio mentioned, "It's disheartening to read the negative commentary and fatphobic accusations questioning the genuineness of her amazing weight loss." The talented celeb received harsh comments about her weight loss, which some critics called "unhealthy." Meanwhile, other fans commented with support for Adele such as "you've worked so hard to look like this and I'm so glad you've got your purpose, but I want to tell you that for me you were always a spectacular, beautiful and sexy woman."

The Beet agrees that being healthy and happy is the goal, and the only thing that really matters here is if Adele herself feels happy and healthy.

Bottom Line: You don't have to be a world-famous superstar to transform your body or reach your personal wellbeing goals. Adele's workout regime consists of personal training sessions with Pete Germacio, which now you can do on IG Live thanks to his daily classes.

As for the Pilates classes, Goodis has a video you can try in your own living room. And someday we will all be allowed back into the workout studio, but until then floor exercises can provide plenty of core strength and toning so the key is finding the discipline to do it on your own.

Way to go, Adele, we applaud all your hard work to reach your goal. You are an inspiration.

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