Stocking stuffers are like icing on the cake, something extra that makes everyone feel a bit more cheerful. This holiday, we made it easier for you to fill your stockings with meaningful and affordable items for under $25. Buy these now and avoid the last-minute mad rush to CVS for anything to fill those stockings with on Christmas eve. All the items on this list are vegan and in their own way, contribute to a cruelty-free, health-forward lifestyle. What else could be more meaningful? Happy holidays!

1. Laird Superfood Hot Chocolate with Functional Mushrooms

This adaptogenic hot chocolate is completely dairy-free and made with organic mushrooms that boost overall wellbeing. The functional mushrooms in this mix include maitake, reishi, and Chaga, each of which carries benefits like focus, calm, and immunity. The taste of this hot chocolate is rich and smooth and features hints of creamy coconut milk and a touch of cinnamon –  a healthier version of the classic favorite wintertime drink that anyone on your holiday shopping list will appreciate.

To purchase Hot Chocolate with Functional Mushrooms for $21.95, visit Laird Superfood's website.

2. Just Date Chai Caramel Sauce

There's nothing more exciting – or delicious – than discovering a new favorite dessert sauce to add to your sweets and treats, especially when it's vegan. This all-natural, dairy-free Chai Caramel sauce is Just Date's best-selling holiday product, a healthier indulgence to add to your baking or use instead of an ice cream topper. It's made with Indian spices that are some of the freshest you can buy. Share the gift of better-tasting pies, cookies, brownie batter, and everything we love to eat during the holidays.

To purchase Chai Caramel Sauce for $17.99, visit Just Date's website.

3. Limited Edition: Cranberry Raspberry Sage Jam

For anyone who loves a tart-tasting treat, this jam will be their new favorite jam. Give the sweet gift of this low-sugar vegan Cranberry Raspberry Sage Jam, the perfect condiment for your loved ones' sandwiches, desserts, or cocktails. This unique flavored jam is tart and bright, ringing in holiday cheer.

To purchase Cranberry Raspberry Sage Jam for $16 visit Trade Secret Jam Co.'s website.

4. Sama Tea's Limited Edition Peace and Joy Caramel Spiced Gingerbread Tea

Amp up the coziness with a unique tea offered as a limited edition from Sama. This tea has a sweet and spicy scent of fresh-baked gingerbread and warm, smooth caramel, perfect for the holiday season. Sama Tea is a company started by popular author, one-time monk, and life coach Jay Shetty and his wife, Radhi Devlukia, who is an Ayurvedic chef and life mentor. This tea is packed with adaptogens – like ashwagandha, mucuna, and licorice – which help balance stress and improve overall wellbeing.

To purchase Peace and Joy Tea for $9.95, visit Sama Tea's website.

5. soak no. 1 from maude

This top-quality bath salt is made with a blend of notes of amber, cedar leaf, lemongrass, tonka bean, and Medjool dates, making it the perfect gift for someone who appreciates self-care. It has a natural, purifying scent that infuses any bath water with vitamins and minerals and promotes body detoxification. Buy one for them, one for you!

To purchase soak no. 1 for $18, visit maude's website.

6. Lavender & Vanilla Soy Candle from Public Goods

Stuff a stocking with affordable essentials they'll love, like this vegan-friendly lavender and vanilla soy-based candle from Public Goods. All of their candles are free of parabens, lead, plastics, dyes, BPA, or phthalates. This candle elevates any room without overpowering it with too much scent and has a calming and therapeutic effect. When the soy wax burns out, keep the glass and turn it into a chic reusable jar for all your hairpins and accessories. We love supporting Public Goods because for every order they get, they plant a new tree.

To purchase this Lavender & Vanilla Soy Candle for $6.50 visit Public Goods' website.

7. Gingerbread Cookie Cooling Rack

For the baker on your list, put a smile on his or her face with this delightful gingerbread cookie cooling rack, perfect for all of their vegan holiday treats. When you give them this gift, include a printout of this gingerbread cookie recipe to go along with it.

To purchase this Gingerbread Cookie Cooking Rack for $14, visit Anthropologie's website.


8. Cruet with Raised Design

For the person on your list who's either a foodie or cares deeply about kitchen aesthetics, this glass cruet with a cork stopper for olive oil or dressing is the perfect-sized stocking stuffer. Here is a good salad dressing recipe to go along with it. Print it out and tie it to the bottle.

To purchase this cruet for $22.90, visit Zara Home's website.

9. Truffle Oil by Truff

Oil's favorite dance partner is truffle, and this one from Truff is an elegant mix that makes for a perfect gift. This vegan and gluten-free truffle oil is infused with aromatic Black Winter Truffle to create a high-quality finishing oil that transforms popcorn, pizza, pasta, potatoes, and more.

To purchase truffle oil for $24.99, visit Truff's website.


Fold up the latest special issue from Fork's Over Knives and stuff the stocking with 100 of their best plant-based recipes, along with relevant health content, and all the inspiration they need to begin or succeed on their whole food, plant-based journey. There's no better way to show your loved ones that you care about them than by prioritizing their health.

To purchase FOK's special edition recipe magazine for $12.99, visit the Forks Over Knives website.

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