Holiday shopping for anyone on your list has never been easier with our gift guide to all things plant-based, sustainable, eco-friendly, and downright chic. Whether you're shopping for your niece who appreciates a gift that gives back to the planet or your best friend who's vegan and only owns faux leather and is the best dresser you know, this list will help check off your holiday to-dos and make shopping seamless.

In this list of 33 gift ideas, sort through the different categories based on your loved one's interest: We have items for the foodie who would rather whip up a homemade meal in the kitchen than order takeout; gifts for the fitness enthusiast who's motivating you to be your healthiest; the perfect present for the eco-lover whose mission is to help save the planet; and the person whose side hustle is self-care and wellbeing. And of course, there are gifts for the world traveler in your life who texts you from different locations around the globe. For fun, we added a splurge category for the person who you want to their jaw-dropping reaction when they open the most amazing gift from you.

Gifts For the Foodie in Your Life

The foodie in your life appreciates experimenting with new sauces to spruce up their spicy rigatoni, as much as a fine vintage to complement their main entrée. You can never go wrong with something that makes spending more time in the kitchen a creative endeavor.

1. Caraway Cookware Set

This year, give the gift of a cookware set that includes a frying pan, a saucepan, a sauté pan, and a dutch oven to the foodie you love – who has many dishes on the stove at once. This set allows them to cook pasta at the same time as the vegetables and sauces are simmering. They'll be sure to appreciate Caraway products for their high-end ceramic-coated cookware. The coating means that even the toughest foods don't leave a stain and the burners won't have a chance to discolor these beautiful pots and pans. The best part: they are completely free of chemicals and heavy metals so your food will be too. Plus these pots and pans look sleek and the tops fit into an organizer that hangs on the inside of the cabinet.

The Caraway Cookware set is $395 down from $495.

2. Marcato Pasta Extruder

Give the gift of a family memory or a memorable dinner with the fine, high-quality Marcato pasta extruder, made in Italy. The foodie in your world will appreciate making gnocchi, fusilli, and more from scratch with this easy tool, that lets you make your pasta gluten-free or whole wheat, egg-free and allows you to experiment with dough that is made with spinach, pumpkin, and other healthier additions you like. On the card, tell them that you need to be invited to pasta night.

The Marcato pasta extruder sells on amazon for $291.

3. Della Vite Vegan Prosecco

Cheers to you, and your favorite foodie, and everyone else at your table, for putting the finishing touches on a whirl-wind year. Toast each other with this high-end vegan prosecco made from the grapes from Treviso in Northern Italy and launched by the three Delevingne sisters – Cara who you know as the supermodel and her siblings Poppy and Chloe – whose taste in everything from fashion to vino is completely trustworthy. The foodie in your world will appreciate this clean and light bubbly to complement their entreés served at the holiday get-together. With every sip, you'll want to sit a little taller with your pinky lifted.

The Della Vite Vegan Prosecco is $31.

4. Truff Hot Sauce

Show your foodie that you know what's hot – with a gift from Truff's high-end collection of vegan and gluten-free hot sauces. This hot sauce sets itself apart from the rest by being a high-end package that features special surprise flavors like white truffle-infused hot sauce, black truffle-infused hot sauce, and hotter hot sauce. That one will make their head spin, in the best way. After all, having new exotic ingredients to cook with is a foodie's paradise.

This gift set of three Truff Hot Sauces sells for $77.99

5. Nespresso Machine

We all want the best of the best for the foodie on your list, and a hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning is one of the small but mighty pleasures in life. They can always count on their  Nespresso machine to serve up their choice of espresso, double espresso, gran lungo, coffee and alto in a jiff. Or for the tea lover, just press a button and sip your favorite tea. Another bonus: this beautiful design elevates your kitchen decor.

This Nespresso machine is $159.

6. My Vegan Wines Club

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription to My Vegan Wines Club, an online club that delivers vegan wines and cheeses to your foodie's door. Select your different wines – from a light body, full-body, red, or white – based on your loved ones' preferences. Then the club will send out a dairy-free cheese selection paired with the wine you have selected.

A subscription to My Vegan Wines Club starts at $164 for wine or $208 for a cheese subscription, but the website offers choices so you can decide how generous you want to be.

7. Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven

There's nothing like a homemade pizza baked over charcoal in a wood-fired oven. Even a non-foodie knows how good it tastes. This year, give the gift of the Ooni Koda outdoor pizza oven, so your foodie can serve up Neapoiltian pizzas (with vegan mozzarella – if that is their preference. This is a great deal for your loved ones, and drop the hint that you are hoping to be among the first dinner guests.

The Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven is $349.

8. Miami Fruit Subscription

Give a mysterious gift (in a good way) with a subscription to Miami Fruit. Each month, or week if you want that frequency, the foodie on your list will receive on their doorstep exotic, unique fruits native to Miami, the tropics, and the Caribbean islands. Not only is this an exciting education, but it's also a guessing game. And your foodie will love making new dishes out of these tropical fruits.

A subscription to Miami Fruit starts at $77.

9. Food 52's Five Two Good Measure Pastry Mat

The foodie on your list knows that the most important thing about baking is precision: A puff pastry baked to perfection comes down to exact measurements. The Five Two Good Measure Pastry Mat assists your baker with its diameter guides, ruled edges, and conversion charts  – which make it easy to convert metric to Imperial for any liquid, weight, temperature, and even butter (vegan that is).

The Five Two Good Measure Pastry Mat is $25.

10. Uncommon Goods Personalized Family Recipe Board

Since your foodie is plant-based or headed in that direction, gift them a cutting board engraved with their favorite vegan recipe – or create one with your favorite family traditional holiday recipe but made over as vegan. Lovely touch: You write it out so the handwriting is also customized. So if your grandmother's handwriting is special to you it gets preserved. Personalized gifts are always the most meaningful.

The Personalized Family Recipe Board is $100.

Gifts For The Fitness Enthusiast

If your loved one runs circles around you, or can't skip a gym day, this is the list to shop from. We rounded up the best items for the fitness enthusiast – from a new pair of running sneakers to boost performance, to a new athleisure outfit designed by a tennis pro. Okay, it's Venus.

1. No Bull Running Sneakers

The fitness guru in your world will thank you twice for a pair of vegan No Bull sneakers that are comfortable, have a strong grip, attractive, and most importantly, made with vegan-certified materials. No Bull is a community-driven brand with a dedicated blog so your loved one can feel part of a team. It's important to upgrade sneakers after every 400 miles to avoid injury so give the gift that helps boost performance and stay healthy.

No Bull sneakers cost $139.

2. Eleven By Venus

Plant-based athlete Venus Williams founder of Eleven by Venus, describes her diet as "chegan," meaning mostly vegan with some cheats. Her workout attire is completely vegan, affordable, comfortable, and chic. This holiday, give the gift of Williams' favorite sporty leggings and matching tank to the fitness enthusiast on your shopping list who will match with the superstar athlete.

Spinning Retro Sports Midi Tank In Classic Kelly Combo Eleven by Venus, is $84.

3. Tangram SmartRope Jump Rope

Every athlete knows how important it is to track progress and SmartRope LED-embedded jump rope displays fitness data mid-air. Your fitness enthusiast can track progress with every jump and keep track of their performance over time.

The Tangram SmartRope Jump Rope is $79.95.

4. Theragun by Therabody

It may be hard for your fitness junkie to step away from their workouts, but they sure do appreciate a relaxing massage, especially on their hard-to-target tense or sore areas. The Theragun by Therabody is the self-massager that your fitness enthusiast will bring anywhere to work out the knots and kinks, as well as help them relax after a long day.

The Theragun Pro is $599.

For the Eco Minded

We stand with and support eco-minded and humanitarian consumerism and respect anyone who only accepts gifts that are sustainable, conscious of the environment, or gives back to a cause that supports the planet, animals, and people. Here are items specifically for them.

1. XL Market Tote from FEED

When you purchase a gift from FEED, you automatically donate necessary meals to children who need it the most, both stateside and overseas in food-insecure communities. We love the fact that the website displays the exact number of meals that get donated based on the product you purchase. This XL Market Tote donates 50 school meals to help feed children and keep them in school. Founder Lauren Bush has expanded from bags to accessories such as cashmere socks, slippers, and beanies, as well as coffee and other items. Coming soon: the FEED Home Collection which has beautiful artisan objects such as salad bowls and servers. Get on the waitlist now to shop the minute this collection drops and you can buy things for your eco-minded friend or any hostess.

The XL Market Tote from FEED is $148.

2. Hydroponic Garden by Gardyn

Growing food at home lowers your meal's carbon footprint by eliminating shipping. This holiday, give the gift of a Hydroponic Garden that makes it possible to grow and harvest just about any kind of greens, herbs vegetables, or even certain fruits in your own home. This planter has a convenient automatic watering and lighting system (which may not even be necessary if you live in the southern US). This is the gift that really keeps on giving.

The Hydroponic Garden by Gardyn is $699, down from $899.

3. Give a S**t Zero Waste Starter Kit by Package Free

The Give a S**t Zero Waste Starter Kit is a recent launch by Package Free started by Lauren Singer who is an environmental activist, entrepreneur, and blogger in the zero-waste movement. The 7 items in this bag helped Lauren start her own zero waste journey and include products that eliminate the need for your most common single-use plastics.

This Kit Includes:

  • #Giveashit Tote
  • 6 oz. Mason Jar with Lid
  • Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set
  • 16 cm Package Free Airtight Stainless Steel Container
  • Package Free Bamboo Toothbrush
  • 8.5" Package Free Stainless Steel Bent Straw in Silver
  • Vegan Food Wrap Variety Pack

The Give a S**t Zero Waster Starter Kit is $70.

4. Conscious Step

For the eco-minded person on your shopping list who's on a mission to reduce their carbon footprint, give the gift of comfortable socks by Conscious Step. These socks let them make their footprint count: Choose which cause your socks to support, including animals, biodiversity, mental health, or the environment. They will love the fact that every step they take is in socks that are helping to save the planet.

The 3-sock box set from Conscious Step is $34.95 and one box equals 30 trees planted.

For the Wellness Warrior

For the person who loves yoga, self-care, and any kind of wellbeing practice, we have you covered with gifts they're sure to love and use on the regular. They will love the water infused with herbs that they can make themselves and the ayurvedic mat dyed with plants, and more.

1. Beast Health Blender + Hydration System

Infused water is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to drink more, and to ensure optimal hydration. The Beast Health Blender + Hydration System is a duo like no other. The blender mixes the herbs, citrus, and any other superfood ingredients that you want to infuse your water with, Then add this mix into the water filter to create your end result: Freshly made infused water. We're positive the wellness guru on your list will take this bottle to yoga, and everywhere else.

The Beast Health Blender + Hydration System is $185

2. Super Charge Dry Brush by Higher Dose

To the wellness junkie who's always looking for natural remedies to boost health and wellbeing, Super Charge Dry Brush by Higher Dose is the perfect gift to help them increase energy and boost circulation and promote relaxation. The concept is simple: Brush the skin with the ion-charged bristles to wake up your senses which helps heal and soothe the body.

The Super Charge Dry Brush by Higher Dose is $59.

3. Bennd Yoga Ayurvedic Mats

Your wellness-obsessed loved one knows the importance of regular stretching for a healthy body and mind. They probably already have some kind of mat and their favorite ritual but the Bennd Yoga mat takes this to a new level. Made from 100 percent natural, non-toxic materials that are hand-loomed and medically dyed with plants and herbal remedies, these ayurvedic mats will become a new favorite part of your loved one's practice.

The Bennd Yoga Ayurvedic Mat is $190.

4. Loftie Meditation Alarm Clock

The Loftie Meditation Alarm Clock helps leave stress behind and improves better sleep with its special features that include healing content like breathwork, stories, sound baths, and more. It even will allow you to kick your phone out of bed, something every wellbeing expert recommends, because if you get a call it can relay the message if you want it to.

The Loftie Mediation Alarm Clock is $149

For the Clean Beauty Lover

Clean beauty is the most talked-about concept in beauty and it's certain that the beauty lover on your list knows which brands live up to their expectations. You don't have to compromise to choose products that are vegan and cruelty-free as well as clean. In fact, there are so many on the market now, that we've done all that research for you.

1. Costa Brazil Oil

If you're really, and I mean really, looking to impress the clean beauty lover on your list, surprise them with a package from Costa Brazil, and their jaws...will...drop. This luxury brand launched by Francisco Costa (formerly the women's creative director of Calvin Klein collection) sustainably sources its ingredients from the Amazon. Its array of oils smell natural, elegant, and soothing and carry unique notes that are enticing. The oils are both hard to describe and memorable, without being overpowering. These are worth experiencing.

Costa Brazil Jungle Firming Body Oil is $98 and the Anti-Aging Face Oil is $125

2. Rosie Inc Set

A makeup kit from Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's new vegan brand, Rosie Inc, shows the beauty lover in your world that you're in the know. Give the gift set of high-end makeup products made with quality ingredients, designed by an expert in the industry.

The Rosie Inc's Modern Essentials Gift Set is $35.

 3. Flamingo Estate Vegan Soap

High in the hills above LA is Flamingo Estate, the home of @richard_christiansen_ and his brand created from the orchard and garden behind his house where he sells vegan, organic artisanal made soaps that won an award, and so will you for the best holiday gift. Flamingo Estate vegan soap was chosen for the @archdigest Great Design Awards 2021, featured in the November 2021 print issue out now, and on

A set of four vegan soaps from Flamingo Estate is $100. 

4. Herbivore Skincare

A beauty lover is always looking for great face masks to improve complexion and brightness, clear acne, and promote anti-aging, and Herbivore Skincare checks off this list. These face masks are made with extracts and enzymes from different plants proven to boost skin health.

An Herbivore Skincare mask is $48 each.

Gifts for the World Traveler

Now that it's time to shop for the person that's on the go, we have you covered with the best-of-the-best products for the traveler to make their experiences even better.

1. Rimowa Carry-On Suitcase

We all know what it feels like when the wheels of a suitcase don't work or the zipper bursts open and everything gets tossed. That's why your traveler will appreciate a carry-on from Rimowa, a top-quality trusted luggage brand that specializes in compact and durable cases, easy-to-glide wheels, and features a lock to ensure safety and protection.

The carry-on from Rimowa is $1,150. 

2. Matt and Nat Vegan Leather Notepad or Passport Cover with Initials

When planning is one of the most important parts of traveling, the traveler on your list will appreciate a notepad, and not just any notepad but one with a chic faux leather case stepped with their initials from the luxury vegan brand, Matt and Nat. We also love their passport cover which you can get customized as well.

The Matt and Nat Vegan Leather Customized Notepad is $44 and the passport case is $28.

3. Dagne Dover Mila Toiletry Organizer

An organized bag is important to your traveler who unpacks to repack and repeats, that's why you're here with the perfect gift, the Mila Toiletry Organizer from Dagne Dover made with quality material recycled from polyester and is easy to clean.

The Dagne Dover Mila Toiletry Organizer is $45.

4. Clutch Portable Charger

A phone that's low battery or – worst-case scenario – completely dead, can cause a panic attack as you head off the plane and need to call your friend who's nice enough to meet you at the airport for a ride. This holiday, make sure your traveler is prepared with a portable charger from Clutch, and the best part is this is the world's tiniest charger, which will help keep their backpack or purse light.

The world's tiniest charger from Clutch is $49.99.

For the Splurge

If you have that splurge feeling in you and want to spend moolah on your loved one, a pair of Louis Vuitton's newest vegan sneakers and an electric bike are two major gives they'll appreciate forever. Go big.

Louis Vuitton Releases Luxury Plant-Based Sneaker Made From Corn
Louis Vuitton

1. Louis Vuttion Charlie Sneaker – Vegan

Give the gift of the least expected item, a Louis Vuitton shoe that's completely vegan. The shock will be that its the luxury fashion house's first-ever vegan shoe. The limited-edition Charlie sneaker is made with 90 percent sustainable material: The top part of the shoe is crafted with a mix of recycled, bio-based material made from corn and the outside of the shoe is made from recycled rubber.

The Charlie sneaker by Louis Vuttion sells for $10,000. A collector's item!

2. The Cannondale Adventure EQ Bike

Here's the splurge that will go the distance ... pun intended. The Adventure EQ electric bike is one of the most popular gift items this year and is fully equipped for modern life with its self-powered Dynamo lights, folding pedals, and collapsable stem, as well full-coverage fenders, a rear rack, and of course, its 400Wh battery.

The Adventure EQ Bike from Cannondale sells for about $1,150. Check their website for local dealers. 

3. The Ranch Malibu

Treat your loved one with a week's stay at The Ranch Malibu, a retreat focused on plant-based living, offering guided fitness classes, wellness support, calibrated nutrition, and other programs that help optimize health. And, don't forget to hint-hint that you need to be their plus one.

The rate of 1-week at The Ranch Malibu is $8,600.

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