Picture this: All of a sudden, your niece calls ahead of the holiday to remind you that she's vegan, and the Thanksgiving dish you've been planning to bring to the family gathering no longer slides.

Luckily, there are many last-minute products shops, deliveries, and pick-up services that offer an array of vegan and plant-based sides, mains, desserts, and more to complete a full-on turkeyless Thanksgiving feast. We also compiled a list of vegan products you can find at your grocery store to make your Thanksgiving prep easy, painless, and delicious.

Here are your last-minute Thanksgiving vegan options, plant-based sides, and even a few delicious vegan desserts!. Shopping have never been easier with this easy-to-follow guide.

Last-Minute Prepared Dishes to Order and Pickup

1. Whole Foods Thanksgiving Feast

When in doubt, Whole Foods always has vegans covered with prepared meals we can count on for both health and taste. For the upcoming holiday, Whole Foods curated a vegan Thanksgiving shopping list full of ready-to-be served vegetable crudites with hummus, sweet chili meatless meatballs to enjoy with a cocktail, spinach artichoke pastry puffs to serve as apps, roasted fingerlings with garlic and parsley, and the menu features meals from chef Chloe Coscarelli who is the founder of the popular vegan fast-food chain, byCHLOE.

The options created by Chef Chloe include miso creamed greens, cremini mushroom roast, coconut sweet potato casserole, and more. The one caveat? Orders must be placed by tomorrow, the 23rd of November, and holiday selections vary based on stock. You still have time, but hurry!

To purchase a vegan Thanksgiving feast from Whole Foods, visit their website.

2. Riverdel Artisanal Vegan Cheese

Hey, New Yorkers. This one is for you. Riverdel artisanal vegan cheese shop in Manhattan's Lower East Side has a house-made Thanksgiving roast stuffed with butternut squash, plum stuffing and is seasoned with fresh herbs and also comes with gravy and cranberry sauce.

All of this is available for pre-order on November 23rd and 24th for pick up or delivery if you live in the area. Along with your roast, the company known for their famous artisanal cashew-based cheeses has a selection worth checking out to serve as appetizers or make a one-of-a-kind charcuterie board.

To purchase your vegan turkey roast and artisanal cashew-based cheese from Riverdel, visit their website.

3. Butterfield Market

Butterfield Market has two locations in upper Manhattan (both of which let you order in advance for pick up or delivery) and has delicious prepared Thanksgiving meals that span from traditional to elaborate to vegan or gluten-free, including homemade butternut squash bisque (ask to hold the crème fraîche), vegetable crudité crate, citrus mixed greens salad, green beans with shitake mushrooms. Pus this year they are making a .... drum roll, please ... vegan "turkey" stuffed with butternut squash, and mushrooms, and also homemade vegan and gluten-free mushroom gravy. Call today and pick up your order at either of their two uptown locations.

To purchase prepared vegan Thanksgiving meals from Butterfield Market, visit their website.

4. FreshDirect

FreshDirect's same-day delivery offers a selection of Thanksgiving sides, appetizers, and more, and a handful happens to be vegan. On their website, browse through likely vegan dishes like rosemary garlic roasted potatoes and double-check the ingredients are completely vegan before placing your order. You have now until the 25th to place your order and have it delivered the same day.

To purchase vegan Thanksgiving sides, appetizers, and more from FreshDirect, visit their website.

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Products

  1. Boursin Dairy-Free Cheese Spread Alternative

Show up with a fresh twist on an old favorite and everyone will be happy: Boursin has taken its signature herbed cheese and made a totally dairy-free version in partnership with Follow Your Heart. This cheese spread is a nice way to look out for dairy-free eaters on Thanksgiving and can be added to your charcuterie board to ensure anyone with dietary restrictions can still indulge in holiday classics.

Find Boursin's dairy-free cheese at your local Trader Joe's or supermarket.  

2. Pacific Foods Cumin Carrot Oat Milk Soup

There's never been a quicker or more delicious side dish than this Carrot Cumin soup which is made creamy with oat milk. Simply take the soup out of the carton and into a festive bowl, garnish with herbs, and you've got yourself a crowd-pleasing side dish that everyone will swear is homemade.

Purchase Pacific Foods' soups at your local grocer.

3. Primal Kitchen No Dairy Mushroom Gravy

A rich, hearty gravy is a final and necessary touch to every Thanksgiving feast. Creating a meat and dairy-free one can be tricky and time-consuming, but with Primal Kitchen's No Dairy Mushroom Gravy, you can spend the time it would take to make one with your loved ones and instead just crack open a jar. This creamy, umami gravy will add delicious savory flavor to mashed potatoes, stuffing, and your plant-based roast.

Find Primal Kitchen No Dairy Mushroom Gravy at your local Whole Foods Market. 

4. Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

No table is complete without a heaping pile of flakey, buttery rolls to sop up all of the delicious gravy that's leftover on your plate. A happy accident, Pillsbury crescent rolls are made with palm oil instead of butter and are surprisingly vegan-friendly. While they aren't the healthiest, the original dairy-free Pillsbury crescent rolls are a favorite and will disappear in minutes once you put them on the table.

Find Pillsbury products at your local supermarket. 

5. Meatless Roasts

Turkey is off the table for vegan eaters, but luckily, many brands have meatless roast options on the market. From Trader Joe's to Field Roast, stuffed and unstuffed, large and single-portion, there are many to choose from, and our taste test will direct you to the best roast to buy for your celebration, all available to purchase at many national retailers.

To find a turkeyless main near you, check out our guide to the best vegan roasts

For more last-minute Thanksgiving inspiration, visit The Beet's Ultimate Guide to a Plant-Based Holiday for more than 25 festive recipes.

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