DoorDash is bringing the summer barbecue supplies straight to doors nationwide. The online food ordering company is partnering with Beyond Meat to offer July 4th plant-based grilling kits for Americans across the country. DoorDash will be providing these grilling kits for on-demand delivery on DashMart - an innovative form of convenience store launched by the online ordering company.

The plant-based grilling kit contains the signature Beyond Burgers alongside custom-made grilling mitts, aprons, grilling tools, a bottle opener, and a recipe card to inspire customers’ July 4th grill-outs. DoorMart will also offer a wide selection of beverages, ice cream, summer fruits, and snacks to accompany the basics in the grill kit.

“This 4th of July weekend, we’re excited to partner with DoorDash to further our mission to make plant-based options more accessible to all,” VP of Retail Sales for Beyond Meat Rebecca Infusino. “There’s nothing more classic and delicious than a perfectly grilled, juicy burger on a hot summer day. We’ve made this classic pastime even better this summer with the great taste and nutritional benefits of our newest Beyond Burger, and the unbeatable convenience of having it delivered to your BBQ in under an hour.”

Beyond Meat
Beyond Meat

Summer is prime grilling season for American nationwide, and while people prepare last minute for the 4th of July celebration, DoorDash wanted to appeal to all its consumers. The company conducted a national consumer poll that reviews 1,000 US adults to find out everything to know about American consumer grilling behavior. The survey discovered that most Americans believe that grilling is a necessity for the summer, reporting that 73 percent of participants plan to grill out during the summer.

The survey also found that most American consumers want to see plant-based meat at their cookouts. The poll reported that 78 percent of Americans hope to see plant-based meat alternatives at cookouts and barbecues, and more than half at 65 percent will choose plant-based options, especially millennials who were more likely to choose plant-based meats. As demand for plant-based meat continues to grow, the partnership between DoorDash and Beyond Meat will make a vegan barbecue even more accessible for consumers.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Beyond Meat to offer customers their favorite grilling essentials conveniently from DashMart,” Director of New Verticals at DoorDash Andrew Ladd said. “At DoorDash we’re committed to bringing customers all the best of their neighborhoods for every occasion, and as summer gets underway we’re excited to unveil this exclusive kit perfect for any BBQ while giving people access to essentials they need on-demand.”

The limited-time holiday offer will be available exclusively on DashMart. The on-demand service will be available beginning July 1st. For $14.99, a grilling kit can be purchased alongside other goods that DashMart offers. The special grilling kits can be purchased in 14 cities across the United States including Baltimore, MD, Chicago IL, Cincinnati, OH, Columbus, OH, Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, Detroit, MI, Houston, TX, Indianapolis, IN, Las Vegas, NV, Los Gatos, CA, Minneapolis, MN, San Diego, CA, and Tampa, FL.

The grilling kits will feature the latest version of the Beyond Burger, made to increase the taste and nutritional value to consumer liking. Beyond Meat released the newest version earlier this year to redesign the taste and texture of the plant-based burger. The company also enhanced the patty’s nutritional value by decreasing the fat by 35 percent and saturated fat by 35 percent. The lower calorie burger is built to bring consumers a healthier, delicious option for any occasion, especially perfect for a summer cookout.

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