Beyond Meat is leveling up its famous recipe, announcing a new version of its ground-breaking plant-based burger that allegedly tastes closer to the real thing. The company revealed that it has innovated its initial recipe to better mirror the taste of beef for its new burger. The recipe will remove the protein-rich mung beans and add vitamins and minerals that will enhance the product’s flavor. Grocery retailers will start stocking the new Beyond Burger next week while restaurants will see the new product beginning in June.

“This is the best version of beef we’ve done,” Beyond’s Chief Growth Officer Chuck Muth told CNN, He also added that the company will continue its accelerating track claiming that “there will be a next iteration.”

The new Beyond Burger will contain fewer calories and less fat than the company’s previous product. The new burger patty contains 230 calories instead of 260 and 14 grams of fat instead of 18 grams. Beyond Meat hoped to create a better-tasting product that also enhanced its nutritional value.

The brand is constantly working to better its products in an attempt to create a perfect substitute for animal meat: The latest version of the Beyond Meat burger will mark the third iteration to hit shelves. The product debuted in 2016, and the company later revised its recipe in 2019. With the plant-based meat market on the rise and other companies releasing competitive products, Beyond Meat’s new recipes seek to reestablished the company’s position in the market. Plant-based meat sales jumped nearly 28 percent in the last year, according to a report from Nielsen, leading Beyond Meat to expand its reach and strengthen its product.

Beyond’s new recipe follows a year of rapid expansion in both product and distribution. The company’s product, which is already available at Carl’s Jr. and Dunkin’, will soon be available at several fast-food restaurants across the United States. Beyond announced two separate partnerships with McDonald’s and Yum! Brands in February that will bring its new burger to consumers nationwide. The partnership with McDonald’s will solidify Beyond as the sole developer of McDonald’s new McPlant burger. The deal with Yum! Brands will put Beyond Meat products on the menus of KFCs, Taco Bells, and Pizza Huts nationwide.

For those who avoid fast food, Beyond Meat is quickly becoming more available at grocery stores nationwide. Now available at 28,000 retail locations, the Beyond Burger has become one of the most accessible meat alternatives on the market. The newest product will be priced at $5.99 for a two-pack, $9.99 for a four-pack, and a one-pound ground meat alternative for $9.99.

“As one of the first mover in the category, we do have a prominent position,” Muth said. “We’re only going to stay there if we continue to innovate, and we will always stay focused on our innovation and improving our products.”

Between its market value and product lines, the company continues to grow at a significant pace. Shares of Beyond rose 21 percent over the last year with its current market value at $8.33 billion. Consumers and investors will be keeping an eye out for the newest Beyond products that keep improving in taste and nutrition profile, and a market value that keeps growing.

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