Stranger Things star Sadie Sink announced that she adopted a plant-based diet after being inspired by costar Woody Harrelson. While filming The Glass Castle, Sadie Sink developed a friendship with Harrelson, who has been an outspoken vegan for some 30 years. Five years ago, Harrelson encouraged Sink to go vegan–she made the switch and never looked back.

“I’d always told myself I could never go vegan,” Sink said. “I’m from Texas, my family are big meat-eaters. But, I decided I was going to give it a shot and I went ahead and did it. I made the switch almost five years ago, after I worked with Woody Harrelson on a movie,” she just revealed in an interview with

The 18-year-old actor told the online magazine about her move to a plant-based diet and credited Harrelson’s passionate attitude towards being vegan. He made it sound easy based on his experience and she says she was surprised at just how easy the switch could be.

“He’s a very passionate vegan and his entire family is vegan as well, so by spending time with them, I was able to learn that a vegan lifestyle is totally doable and it’s not as hard as it may seem,” Sink said. (Harrelson is married to Laura Louie and they have three kids.) “It’s definitely something I still have to work on. You make mistakes in the beginning, but you just learn as you go.”

Woody Harrelson Has Been Vegan for 30 Years

Harrelson’s range of award-winning acting roles put him in the spotlight to become a vegan icon. He’s kept his vegan diet for 30 years and continues to remain outspoken about the environment, sustainability, animal rights, and the health benefits of plant-based eating.

“I eat vegan, but I mostly eat raw,” Harrelson told Instyle. “If I have a cooked meal I feel my energy drop. So when I first started shifting my diet it wasn’t as much a moral or ethical pursuit, but an energetic pursuit.”

Both actors explain that while they also care about the environmental and animal-rights impacts, the switch towards veganism can bolster physical well-being. The Stranger Things actress repeatedly champions a variety of vegan skin-care products, telling her fans the benefits for skin health as well as the importance of separating consumer products from animal industries.

When Sink and Harrelson promote their vegan or plant-based lifestyles to millions of fans, the fact that they are both Texans and continue to break down stereotypes, they set new examples on how easy it is to adopt a plant-based or vegan diet no matter where you are from or what your family traditions have been.

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