With the world in total lockdown and a toilet paper shortage (at least where we live), it seemed like the best idea is to get back to basics and return to your hometown and start to learn to cook.

For me, that meant heading to my home town of Napa Valley. I hopped in my car and drove up Highway 1 north from LA to the Bay Area. In times like these, the only thing to do is stay home, turn on Netflix and make some classic comfort food. Today, I’m making black bean burgers with mushrooms, onions, vegan cheese & vegan mayo. Oh and because it's Napa and wine is aplenty, I thought it a good idea to open a bottle of wine, turn on "Gossip Girl" and chill out on the couch with Dad and feed the family these delicious burgers.

What did I buy at the grocery store to stock up my pantry?

Since I made it to the grocery store just in time to stock up on a few pantry items before things really got weird (and sold out) I bought bags of black beans, several containers of steel-cut oats, plus pasta, quinoa and tomato paste. I used The Beet's pantry shopping guide to find healthy plant-based options to stock my pantry with.

Where am I and what am I cooking today?

Today we're coming to you live from my childhood kitchen where I'm making a healthy, easy lunch: Black bean veggie burgers with onions, mushrooms, vegan cheese, and vegan mayo.

What recipe did I use?

I found this recipe online at Delish.  It's called 'Best-Ever Black Bean Burger'. To try it out yourself, click here for the original recipe. We made it vegan, of course.

How long did it take to make these veggie burgers?

From start to finish the burgers took me about 1 hour or about a very full glass of red wine, to make.

How did these black bean burgers taste?

These black bean burgers were so flavorful with a little hint of spice. The paprika, cumin, and chili powder make for a great kick and the avocado made them extra light and soft.

What else am I planning to cook in my "quarantine" kitchen?

I am planning to make the ultimate overnight oats, a killer fruit smoothie, and walnut avocado pesto. And anything else you all ask me to make. I am here all week. Or longer...

My favorite at home work out...

My favorite at home work out is any Cody Rigsby 30 minute ride on my Peloton bike. It is especially fun when he plays throwback Backstreet Boys songs.

What I would advise readers to do for the next 2 weeks?

I would advise all of you to not give up on your healthy plant-based or vegan diets just because we are in lockdown-mode. Also, get yourself a good book, read, write, be creative, cook, talk on facetime, and don't stay in bed all day.

We want to know what's cooking in your kitchen. Send us a video and tag @thebeet for a feature on our website. And, if you have a favorite recipe you want to share with us, email info@thebeet.com and we will have Caitee make it!