There is nothing as empowering as making the decision to take care of yourself. It feels like a new day, a new approach, and a way of wresting control of your future health and wellness.

Congratulations on the first move: The decision to change the way you eat. Next up, comes the "how" of it, which is where the best intentions can fall off the rails. That's where The Beet comes in. We have compiled this all-inclusive guide to help you accomplish your healthy-eating goals, by switching to a diet that is comprised of plant-based whole foods, with proteins and nutrients that come from plants. This way of eating will feel cleaner, lighter, and help your body operatee at its highest capability while lowering your long-term risk of disease.

How to Start Your 21 Day Plant-Based Program

The Beet's 21 Day guide allows you to start any day that works for you. Today, Monday, next weekend, all fine. We give you the step-by-step guidance, the answers to "where do I get my protein" and the recipes, eating out guides and meal delivery (with a discount!) that will make eating this way a cinch, whether you like to cook or not.

Weeks 1, 2 and 3 Plus a Choice of Recipes to Cook on Your Schedule

Look at the vertical columns below under WEEK 1, WEEK 2 and WEEK 3, and check out the content we've compiled to make the program doable.

Week 1 covers the basics, such as what to buy to stock in your pantry, where to get your protein (peas, soybeans, nuts and seeds, grains like quinoa, all are protein-packed plant-sources). Check out the shopping guides for what to the best items at stores like Trader Joes and Costco, Target and BJs Wholesale Market. Then scan our Product Reviews and The Beet Meter for ratings (we grade taste and health) and add your reviews as well.

Check out the Sample Week of Healthy Eating, and print out the tracker to log your progress.

Week 2 turns the focus to questions such as, what happens if you fall off the wagon, or do you need to take Vitamin B12, plus what role fiber plays in keeping you feeling full.

Week 3 is all about sticking with it including inspiring quotes from celebrities who are plant-based, editors' tips and tricks, and how you will be feeling by then. It takes about 3 weeks for all the hormones from dairy to leave your body (if you are a cheese lover, or had the habit of milk in the am) and by then end of 21 days you will be feeling amazing, and likely want to keep going.

The Recipes Appear in a Handy "Carousel" to Let you Choose What to Make Today

We loaded Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks, and Desserts -- all plant-based and full of flavor -- into these beautiful, visual content carousels. Use them to scan for what you want to cook and assemble your own best days of healthy eating. Try some new recipes or just cook your favorites over and over again. Whichever way you choose to eat, this Recipe Carousel will have you feeling "I got this!" every single meal.

Not a cook? We partnered with delicious, chef-created meal delivery service Plantable to get you an insider's deal of $21 off your first Quickstart week of meals. Plantable's founder is our friend, and she wants to make sure that anyone who wants to transition to this way of eating has the meals they need, ready to pop into the microwave, after a busy day of slaying it out there in the world. Use this discount to jump start your healthy life.

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